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Ideally links mean more than link popularity. I am not necissarily a moralist or fan of the ethical SEO tag, but I understand some of the fundamental points of marketing. It is good business to be associated with other good businesses.

Have I bought links? Yup. Have I sold links? Yup.

Generally most links do not fall under the buy, sell, or trade category though. Usually they are earned.

When most of your links are greed driven, you are nothing more than a commodity who is working against technology and the forces of nature. When you start linking to things that are good then good things start to link to you.

This morning I wrote a quick article called Keeping Customers, where I attempted to explain that the best way to have customers come back is by sending them away to other good resources.

The web is just a sea of information and the traffic I get is never my traffic to keep.

What I did not realize is that recently Ammon Johns wrote a great little analogy piece called The Real Meaning of Links which describes what I was trying to say a bit better than what I wrote.

(found from Search Engine Roundtable)

Published: April 5, 2004 by Aaron Wall in internet


April 6, 2004 - 2:53am

Hi there

I totally agree with you on the subject of buying links. In the same spirit, I think you should link to an article I just wrote on the subject of link buying:


Serge Thibodeau
Professional SEO,
Rank for $ales


April 6, 2004 - 3:55am

The biggest thing about link buying is to find out how to get them at the right price. The prices you mentioned in your article

In the PR 6 and 7 categories, they were ‘all over the map’, with ranges between $ 150 to $ 250 for a PR 6, all the way up to $ 450 for a PR 7

are kinda high though in my opinion. I can get PR7 links for less than half of your low end of the cost of a PR6 link. In addition I think your article would be better if you also threw in the variable of # of links per page and discussed the concept of how link popularity was shared among the outbound links.

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