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What are Feeds? What is RSS?

This video does a good job describing how feeds work.

Below is similar information, in a boring textual format.

Offline Subscriptions

In the offline world we subscribe to our interests by

  • paying for magazine subscriptions
  • watching TV channels and shows that interest us at the same time each week
  • reading all books created by a favorite author

Online vs Offline

Online individuals and companies create a vast sea of content. Too much content perhaps. To keep up with all the new content every day I could visit,,,,, and a bunch of other great blogs and news websites.

Or, to keep myself organized, I could subscribe to feeds from all these great sites and access them all from one place. Feeds allow you to subscribe to information you find relevant and useful, and be notified when your favorite websites are updated.

Instead of needing to visit all the above websites every day you could just go to Google (Google Reader or iGoogle), My Yahoo!, or Bloglines and read all the news at any one of these sites. You do not need to visit all 3 sites to read the news. Just pick your favorite one and subscribe to a bunch of your favorite sites. If you are an avid online reader using RSS subscriptions to keep track of the news can save you hours a day.

Bonus RSS Tip

  • In addition to subscribing to top blogs you can also subscribe to RSS feeds for news topics. For example, here is a link for the Google News feed on SEO. You can subscribe to other keywords that interest you using the RSS link in the left side of a Google News search result.
  • Other information aggregators, like Google Blogsearch, also provide RSS feeds. You can use RSS feeds to track blogs that link to your site.

Want Access to the Best SEO Feed on the WWW?

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