Need Search Engine Marketing Help?


  • you are new to search engine marketing
  • someone sold you services that did nothing for your site
  • you hired an SEO firm and want to know if what they are doing works
  • you were about to hire a firm and wanted a bit of honest advice from a 3rd party before investing thousands of dollars
  • you already know the power of SEO, but need the input of an industry expert to help sway others in your company

10's of billions of dollars are spent on search engine marketing every year. Your problem is simple: the search market is complex, and you need help ensuring your marketing spend yields a positive return on investment.

Solutions to Your Search Engine Marketing Problems:

If your search engine marketing strategy is lacking, or even using the word strategy makes you feel guilty, I can solve your problems, offering discrete, timely, personal and professional 1 on 1 consultation services.

My clients and I have spent 10's of millions of dollars on pay per click marketing and traditional organic SEO services. Having years of experience, you will gain the advantage of learning from my successes and my mistakes, without wasting thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars testing techniques that may prove ineffective.

Learn Effective Search Engine Marketing Techniques:

I have worked with clients large and small, seeing techniques rocket sites to the top of the search results & techniques that were rendered useless based on improving search technology.

I can provide effective long-term solutions which put you at the top of the search results without putting your site at risk.

Although I have done search engine marketing for years, my breadth of experience keeps growing, as I learn something new every day. I share everything I know and what techniques are working right now.

Why Choose Aaron Wall for Your SEM Strategy Needs?

  • Value: Search marketing makes it easy to track your ROI. With that, I have ROI in mind in everything I do. If I don't think I add value to your business I will refund your money. There is no risk in buying a consultation.
  • Honesty: I am known for being direct. I do this because it's important to save you time and money.
  • Reputation: I have spoke at many trade conferences. My techniques have been covered in the Wall Street Journal. Professors have used my book as course text.
  • Results: I not only wrote the top ranked book on the subject of SEO, but I have delivered advice and consulting that have directly led companies to experience a 500% increase in sales.

By contacting me you get access to one of the sharpest minds in search. My rate is $2,000 per hour, prepaid via Paypal.

Consultations are scheduled within 72 hours. Often quicker. Click the following button to schedule your consultation today.

What Does a Consultation Entail?

We can discuss any questions you have about organic search engine optimization, content development, contextual advertising or pay per click marketing.

I consider myself an expert in the following areas:

  • marketing message (content considerations)
  • keyword research
  • link development
  • internal linking structure
  • on page SEO factors (page titles, meta tags, well structured content)
  • ad placement and optimization
  • pay per click marketing strategies (keyword selection, account organization, bidding strategies)

What do Customers Think?

As a consultant, my value is not in how much time I spend doing something. My value is in my experience, and how quickly I create ideas and strategies to help you boost your marketing return on investment.

I've been learning SEO for a few years now as part of managing my company, I'd managed to get our site up to over 15k visits a day. I thought I knew almost everything about there was to know about SEO, but Aaron's sure changed that. Within a short hour, I've gotten a list of extremely useful tips and strategies that I can implement almost instantly. Definitely worth the money.
- Eddie Machaalani, Interspire

How Much is Search Worth to Your Business?

Two numbers real quick:

  • $60,000,000,000/yr (and growing!)
  • $__________2,000

Marketers spend over $60,000,000,000 a year on Google AdWords and other pay per click marketing programs. In spite of marketers bombarding searchers with over $60,000,000,000 in ads, over 75% of the searchers click on the free organic listings (which our customers dominate).

  • Do you have a newer website that is just finding its feet in the search engines? What if we could increase your Google traffic over 1,000 percent? What if we help you rank 6 months faster?
  • Do you have a well established business with a strong search presence? What would a 10% increase in your search traffic do for your business? How much additional revenue would that create?

If you don't think I will add 10's to 100's of thosands of dollars to your business (or more) then I don't recommend hiring me. But if you realize how the top search listings get the majority of the search traffic and want to get a competitive edge to boost your rankings then you would be hard pressed to find a better marketing investment that would offer greater returns than a 1 on 1 conversion with me.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't feel the advice I give you is worth the money just say so during the call for a full refund. I have done well over 100 of these calls and have only gave a refund once. And the person I sent the refund to ended up sending money back my way. A few months later he took on the advice I gave him and ended up getting far more than his money's worth.

Or Save More Money and Try Our Training Program First

If $2,000 is beyond your budget you can save money by joining our training program. If you buy our training program and later want an hour consultation, your first month training program price is deducted from your consulting fees.

To learn more about our training program click here.

You will have access to our training program and the community immediately after payment.

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