Creative Process Flipped On Its Head

Threadless is like a Digg for t-shirts. Tim O'Reilly thinks it is an important step in meshing the web with the physical world. I used to associate wealth with negative ideas until I read this Paul Graham article, which made me realize that you didn't have to be responsible for destroying Earth to be wealthy.

The fight for freedom from censorship is only going to grow as innovative business models undermine many unneeded authority structures. When old authorities try to mesh with new technologies they will create conflicts of interest that prevent them from maintaining their authority.

Published: November 21, 2006 by Aaron Wall in internet


November 21, 2006 - 3:36am

Threadless used to have 2 companies that were both around tshirts... one was called OMG Clothing, and the other was called threadless. I hear they clear 4 mil a month?

OMG Clothing was actually the site that held the contest for tshirt designs, and the winners would get them sold on At some point they decided to combine the two, I am guessing to strenghen their overal brand in the tshirt world.

Talk about a slick fucking idea: User/Community/Social generated product, where the user would get a very slight cut of the proceeds. I think like 10 free shirts or something liek a few hundred dollars...

Imagine holding a contest where your users identify what products they want you to make. Your cost to make them is a bunch of tshirts and some screen printing material... you have guaranteed orders which lessens your risk on every new idea they create.

I wonder what other industries you could replicate that model. I am thinking cheap product, low setup costs, and users that supply the ideas.

Supposedly the movie "Snakes on A Plane" was written by a variety of websites and the feedback that they had, was directly used in the movie.

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