New Blog about Search Conference, Alan Meckler on Getting Lucky

I don't envy how much work Danny Sullivan has to do. On top of all he does now there is a new blog about the Search Engine Strategies conference.

Alan Meckler announced the new blog on his blog, and spoke about how the network came together:

It is quite amazing to me how this all came together over the previous 8 years -- starting with the acquisition of in 1997. We had no idea back then that Search would be the killer application of the Internet. Nor did we have such an inkling back in 2001 when we launched the first SES show or when we purchased in September of 2000.

Think of all the traditional print media companies that missed the boat in covering this area ranging from Ziff Davis, CMP Media, IDG, VNU and Crains. Reliance on print is the factor of why these guys missed the boat and we hit the jackpot. People want such news online and not in print.

Success is sometimes blinding, and the success of other companies is what blinded them to the opportunities Alan Meckler grabbed.

It is amazing to think how new the web is and how much money some companies are worth that live and die by the web. I also feel there is a bunch more I could do to ensure I am more future friendly with my business models and ideas.

Published: July 14, 2005 by Aaron Wall in internet


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