Post about Hugh MacLeod of Gapingvoid

Hugh MacLeod, of GapingVoid fame, & Seth Godin will be at London Marketing Soiree July 11th 2005.

Hugh MacLeod also recently created a podcast which I just listened to.

He described the idealism or assumption of purity associated with blogs to be a guise for the selfish reasons why blogs are created.

Blogging about your industry is a good way to gain status within that industry. He also said launching your first good blog could require similar time and effort to writing your first novel to pay off.

M u s t    K e e p    T y p i n g . . .

speaking of regular jobs:

  • he said most companies do not have your best interests in mind

  • most companies want to squeeze you until there is nothing left (it also happened to me at a rather young age)
  • many people with 20 years experience do not have 20 years experience, but 1 year of experience 20 times over. (Before playing on the web I had two legit full time jobs. I had this feeling twice).

He stated that his blog readership tended to rise as he spoke more about his partnership with English Cut and fell when he just drew cartoons. I bet there were other factors at play, such as crossover traffic from major media coverage. His cartoons are awesome.

Hugh also started a blog about wine. I posted this comment on his blog:

are you worried about spreading your branding too thin? eventually the conversation about conversations about conversations will get thick when many of the conversations have holes in them because you are trying to do too much on limited resources, ie: attention & time.

I also have a bunch of blogs, but most of them are crap because most of my effort goes into this one. How many authentic voices can you have before authenticity means nothing?

Published: June 8, 2005 by Aaron Wall in internet


June 8, 2005 - 11:20am

"how many authentic voices can you have before authenticity means nothing?"

The authenticity of the voice is everything.

So damn difficult to achieve. So impossible to fake.

June 8, 2005 - 11:26am

Peter D
one of my favorite bloggers! welcome to my humble blog. :)

hope the travels have been fun

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