Marketing via Blog Channels - Creating Blog Networks

Duct Tape Marketing Channels:
Recently John Jantsch has partnered with many new authors to create a bunch of new channels for various related marketing ideas such as branding, pr, and innovation.

I think it is rather hard to satisfy the egos of a bunch of marketers & reward them well enough to keep them on. MarketingVox (formerly known as Marketing Wonk) is a good example of a similar type of project. It was exceptionally strong about a year and a half ago but seems to have slipped a bit as many of the channel managers have left.

Best of luck with the new project John, It's gonna be a ton of hard work to keep it going.

Speaking of Blog Networks:
John's network is a targeted quality one, but when everyone and their dog starts to make generic blog networks will they add anything useful to the web, or just try to gain a market position from which they can exploit profits by cluttering the web with noise?

The new Mortgage Refinancing Blog makes the Weblog Empire suspect from the word go.

Why as a Concept Blog Ethics = Garbage:
Not too long ago Darren Rowse mentioned what a horrible human being I was for mentioning a blog spam script. Yet when you look at some of the example blogs in his blog network you find zero original content.

Here is a good example blog from an ethical pro blogger:
Try to find something useful, original, professional, or compelling on THAT.

Cashing In:
Is a cross linked off topic network only abusing its power to manipulate search results if they are not wrapping the network in AdSense?

Should every socially connected person run a poker, casino, pharmacy, or credit blog? Or a network of them?

Published: June 6, 2005 by Aaron Wall in blogs


June 6, 2005 - 2:38am

It's interesting that "publishers" feel linking these sites together is "ok" but when an SEO does it it's considered a "spammy link network". The intent and motivation is the same, the difference is just in the scale. Many of these sites aren't even trying to "fly under the radar" it will be interesting to see how the engines treat them, and what happens when one of them pushes it a little too far.

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