Job Crusher Review - a New Type of Spam

I was going through my inbox and noticed that someone sent my Paypal account 10 cents. I believe Paypal eats anything under a quarter, so the only reason for the payment is to try to ensure that there is a better chance of the unsolicited spam email is read.

If the payment served any purpose (other than to insult the person on the receiving end of it) they at least could have sent a few hundred or done something classier like donating money to a charity they know you like. But no, they wanted to go lowbrow with their spam.

That is where you can one day end up if you want to be a big baller like the job crusher can spam people with offensive 10 cent payments. Isn't sending someone a friggen dime sorta counter to the marketing message of allegedly being rich & wealthy? Any way you slice it, the act is, at best, classless.

If you see someone promoting Job Crusher 2 with glowing reviews endorsing it, be sure to look for affiliate links & affiliate redirects. If they are singing praises for it & using affiliate links then they might make up to $10 per click for marketing it to desperate internet marketing newbies who hate their jobs/lives so bad that they keep paying people for tips on how to get rich quick.

If you want to make serious money using the Job Crusher system the way to do so is to email newbies to internet marketing promoting it. The secret to most get rich quick systems is the buyer's ignorance. The newbies *are* the product/system.

Unfortunately, I don't hurt for money bad enough to stoop to promote it, so I just refunded their dime and asked them not to spam me again. ;)

If I sent them an invoice for the time it took to write this "no thanks spammer" blog post, do you think they would actually pay it?

The homepage copy on the Job Crusher site states

What If You Just Did 10% Of A Million Dollars?? That’s Still $100,000 Per Year!
We are sharing this because we are sick and tired of the scam-offers out there being offered and all the BS garbage pounding our community.

What if their classless hack spam marketing angle sent more than 10% of a single Dollar?

What if...

What if they just shot themselves and stopped spamming?

Well, since it is rude to say "just shoot yourself" all I can ask of the Job Crusher team is this: if you want to get rid of "all the garbage pounding" you can start by leaving my inbox alone.


Published: July 21, 2011 by Aaron Wall in internet


Art Name Thingy
July 29, 2011 - 1:07am

These guys posted me the same of stuff about a year ago...Spam - Scam - Whatever, this is a means to make money though however, they make they money, you do not...

August 1, 2011 - 1:19pm

How many spam emails do you receive a day? I receive about 15-20, so if it were 10 cents, I would earn $2 a day doing nothing. :) If this way of spam was massively used, one could register 10 emails and 'show' them to lots of not trusted websites, who most likely resell emails and finally earn money. Let me count :)

1 email address gets 20 'spams' a day - that would make $2 a day - $60 a month.
10 emails would give you $600.
20 emails - $1200.

Not bad, yeh? :)

I am sure, you should not be so irritated about this, it is obviously a kind of web-marketing-flirt or smth. :)

August 2, 2011 - 5:08am

...and those jerks went out of their way to waste my time.

And no you can't make money from that method of being spammed (no matter how many emails you have). Since they send such a small denomination that Paypal eats 100% of the $ you are sent, the spam does nothing but waste your time.

It is intended to be both classless and insulting & it scores high on both fronts.

This post was my way of telling those clowns "thanks but no thanks jackasses"

Incidentally, there was recently 1 month for nothing sort of trick. You could order US Dollar coins using a credit card (with bonus points and/or cash back) and then deposit the coins in your bank account. Some folks bought over a half-million Dollars worth of coins to rack up free airline miles points. :D

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