Happy New Year!

Social Media Case Study

This Sphinn thread is a case study in social media...with lots of brilliant analysis / advice in it from SugarRae, John Andrews, and Fantomaster.

Microsoft Search = Tragic Fail

Danny Sullivan wrote in depth about why Microsoft Search has failed to take off. Not good for them considering mounting competition on the browser and OS fronts.

Search Police Disclaimer

Google, which invests millions into public relations and quirky attention-grabbing marketing, does not like people manipulating social media with artificial votes. And yet Google spends millions a year on public relations. How can one invest heavily in manipulating the press and then say manipulating social media is bad?

The Ultimate Salesman

The Industry Standard put together about a decade worth of Steve Jobs video clips. I wish I was 1% of the salesman that Steve Jobs is!!!

Ad Rates to Fall?

In 2006 Jakob Nielson wrote "Over the last several years, Yahoo! has made between 0.2 and 0.4 cents per non-search pageview. However, I believe that Internet advertising is over-hyped and that advertisers are deluding themselves into overpaying. In the long term, non-search advertising's value will drop to 0.1 cents or less per page."

If prices drop too low this year could be a great time to buy exposure to build links and an audience. There is always opportunity in the market...you just have to position yourself to take advantage of it.

Society as a Ponzi Scheme?

Tim O'Reilly offers this great quote "just maybe, we are getting the first signs that our society as a whole (and not just our financial system) is a kind of gigantic Ponzi scheme that will one day run out of room for growth, with disastrous consequences."

The U.S. is in a world of hurt, and that is putting a squeeze on China - reversing the flow of farmers to the cities back to the farms. Our leading export is debt, and some countries may be willing to take a loss on it. A Japanese credit rating agency is suggesting that Japan should write off some of its US debt!

The dollar may lose as much as 40 percent of its value to 50 yen or 60 yen from the current spot rate of 90.40 today in Tokyo unless Japan takes “drastic measures” to help bail out the U.S. economy, Mikuni said. Treasury yields, which are near record lows, may fall further without debt relief, making it difficult for the U.S. to borrow elsewhere, Mikuni said.

“It’s difficult for the U.S. to borrow its way out of this problem,” Mikuni, 69, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television broadcast today. “Japan can help by extending debt cancellations.”

The US stock market went up 3% today, but I think anything based in US Dollars is a bit scary after reading the above quote. What exactly is backing the dollar if those holding federal debt consider writing it down? How many more companies and industries can the US government bail out?

Paul Kedrosky offers his scenarios for the economy in 2009. What do you think will happen? What are you investing in and planning for this year?

Published: January 2, 2009 by Aaron Wall in internet


January 3, 2009 - 6:06am

Thanks for that first link in particular, Aaron - what a fun read. Though it does make me realize more clearly why I don't like a lot of social media - too many people trying to chime in, while most should be at home shutting up.

And though I had a longstanding respect-crush on Sugarrae before, now I am in love. Her stuff was classic...almost makes me want to flame her! Almost. But I value my teeth, and don't want them kicked in.

January 5, 2009 - 4:59am

First, Happy New Year to you too!

Second, yes that's a scary quote on the US economic status. I agree that if we keep going down our current path we're going to end up in a heap of trouble, in fact we're pretty much already there.

January 5, 2009 - 12:16pm

Aaron A Happy New Year 2009 to You and Readers of SEOBook.com

Ad Rates to Fall?

Its great news, but will this ever happen? I have seen PPC rates increase every year phenomenally, since 2000. This defies marketing logic where whatever goes up comes down and vice-versa!

Aaron we know you are more of an SEO guy, but I am sure many of your blog readers are into PPC and would like to know your views on this. What do you think?

January 5, 2009 - 7:41pm

I think content ad rates will fall. In some verticals (auto & mortgage, for example) search rates have already fallen off as well...though search declines should be more limited and isolated than the carnage which will be seen on content websites.

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