Playing on the Web...2.0 ;)

Blummy - Firefox bookmarklet management tool that is loved by the Web 2.0 geek. It allows you to put many bookmarks into an expandable box that opens up when you click on it.

For example, the Link Harvester blummlet (code shown below, please ignore the line breaks I added for formatting) looks like:


and would run Link Harvester on whatever page you are viewing.

A regular bookmarklet for it would look like (again, ignore the formatting line breaks):

javascript:location = '' + escape(location);

Here is a list of a wide variety of Mozilla bookmarlets, including character count and word frequency bookmarklets.

I was reading some Dive Into Greasemonkey today...good stuff. I just wish I knew a bit more about XPath and Javascript Firefox strategies.

It will probably take me at least a few days before I could make anything cool. I may try though, and if not I could always bug Mike, and maybe Platypus is more my mode :)

A Greasemonkey Hacks book was recently released. Greasemonkey is cool stuff, not just because DaveN says so, but also because you can do things like number search results and import data right into Google search results.

Here is a cool free video maker. I made one today, though it takes forever to upload and sounds like I am eating the mic. I will probably upload it tomorrowish.

I have been far too textual, and think I need to start looking more at trying to learn programming languages, audio, and visual stuff :)

I got to chat for a while with one of the guys from Validome, and they sure do some cool stuff over there.

For those wondering how this post is in any way relevant to search, you can tell a good bit about how competitive a field may be by seeing how many of the top ranked results are annotated.

Published: November 10, 2005 by Aaron Wall in internet


November 12, 2005 - 5:42pm

Text is good, Aaron.

All this multimedia stuff is vastly overrated. Decent audiovisual production is extremely time consuming.

Crappy audiovisual production is a blight on this earth. No need to add any more of it.

For the record, our company makes independent dance film when not building the web.

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