PayPal Upgrades Payment Solutions

Google is always amazing at timing their news to overshaddow competing services. Google's news of their new payment process system had no specific source and absolutely no useful details, almost as if they just wanted to whip something up to overshaddow another story.

In other, unrelated news:

A name synonymous with e-commerce made a move Friday to cement that status. Online payment service PayPal launched a new tool, which gives merchants the option of allowing consumers to complete credit card transactions on the merchants' own Web sites. The tool will preempt the need, and annoyance, of being redirected to PayPal's own site. The software allows Web sellers to run the checkout procedure as PayPal processes the deal in the background.

Website Payment Pro only costs $20 a month more than regular PayPal payments, and odds are that by ditching the extra screen one would make a few more sales. PayPal could still make a ton of improvements, a couple nice things would be:

  • allow merchants to run an affiliate program through PayPal instead of needing to install their own affiliate software or use a system like PayLoadz.

  • make it easy to download account history from a week or a year ago. make the data accessible as AdWords account data is

I am sure there are other ways to make it better as well, but I am sorta tired :)

How would you improve PayPal? They probably have at least a few months before Google launches their system. You can bet that Google's system will probably interface with their advertising and tracking software as well.

Published: June 18, 2005 by Aaron Wall in internet


Richard Norman
June 18, 2005 - 12:08pm

As a long time user of Paypal I have several gripes about the company.

Right up there at number 1 is the incredibly annoying habit of "suspending accounts" I have had my account suspended half a dozen times...and the effect can be devastating as a merchant on Ebay. My bank and credit card company manage to operate an online banking service without freezing my account and throwing things into chaos, so why cant paypal?

The Paypal complaints procedure is a real hassle, you have to log onto the paypal site to make a complaint...the complaint is my experience dealt with in one communication...their are always follow up emails from different people...often in the form of pre prepared replies which makes me think I am dealing with a bloody robot and not a person.


Richard Norman

August 22, 2006 - 1:57pm

Their are many areas in which paypal can improve.

6 ways paypal can improve

1. 24hour Online Help Chat system

2. Accept credit card payments without users signing up to paypal, but still accepting their terms.

3. Have a Toll Free telephone operator (not good if your overseas)

4. would be great to transfer to any bank account in the world from your paypal account, (If you have a UK Paypal account you can only transfer to UK or US bank)

5. Would be great to have an Auction to integrate into your own website, similar auction style in ebay.

6. Shopping Cart to be a bit more user friendly with template options, to throw thumbnail images in for basic users.

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