Selling Content Articles...Smart Business Model

A while ago someone shot me an email about Constant Content and I forgot to post about it. I just remembered it again and thought to post on it.

From their site:

Constant Content is exactly what the name implies: A website where you will be able to find text to complete your website or project. This is a place to locate high-quality content at affordable prices. We will assist you in delivering the whole package, ensuring that the clients you service will be receiving a polished piece of perfection.

I have not bought or tested the content quality, but with the wide range of authors there is likely to be some real gems and some real duds in the mix.

Business model:
Constant Content is a database which keeps 50% of the funds received when people purchase the content created by authors who submit their articles to the site.

Some of the articles are free, while others are available for sale to use exclusively or to buy an individual license for. Constant Content also runs AdSense on some of their article abstracts to help create another revenue channel.

They already have over 600 writers, and it seems like it would be a fairly scalable business model, and is a rather untapped market.

Economics of Link Buying VS Submitting Articles:
If you buy them, even crap links can usually cost $5 to $50 each. You could likely buy one of these exclusive articles and submit it to a few sites to build a dozen or so links for the cost of one link.

Economics of Buying Ads VS Buying Content & Selling Ads:
To further appreciate the economics of this idea, a single click from Google AdWords on legal, health, insurance, and other high margin subjects can cost $2-$50, while you can buy the rights to an article for about $5 - $10 (usage) and $50 for exclusive rights.

As this and other related business models develop it sure can put another spin on the AdSense business model. With some of these articles you could buy them, place AdSense ads on them to get a 30% CTR, and after a few dozen visitors you would pay for the usage cost and be into the pure profit zone.

Similar Competing Business Models:
I believe the people at Traffic Logic / Article Insider also sell content. I doubt they could compete on the price aspect with how cheap some of the articles at Constant Content are. I also have found much of the Article Insider content to be a bit less than impressive.

Some auctions such as Elance allow you to bid on similar projects, but its hard to be certain of quality. The nice thing about Constant Content is you can request articles and bid without obligation to buy, even if a half dozen people make articles for you.

I don't think I know who is behind Constant Content. The post was fairly positive because it sounds like a cool idea. Whether or not it pans out, the business model seems smart to me.

Published: May 6, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tools


December 22, 2006 - 8:19pm

I am a home inspector, and have knowlege of carpentry, and constuction. If you are interested in my contribution, please mail me back.

Thank you,

Gerald Wood.

May 8, 2005 - 12:25am

Thanks for the recommendation! I just tried them out, and there are some great articles there. I downloaded about 10-15 to use on my site already, all for free. Great stuff... highly recommended.

May 12, 2005 - 3:31pm

Thanks for the plug Aaron, if you were wondering who is behind Constant Content its me. Please let me know if you have any specific questions, but you seem to have the right idea on how the site works.

BTW: I have seen you on Sitepoint... I'm a regular poster.

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