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I still need to shower and pack and be on a plane in less than two hours...I am going to South by Southwest. I just browsed through the old feed reader and posted links to all the stuff that was cool.

If I can get on the web in Texas I will, and if not I will be back Wednesdayish.

I heard they have really big broadband down there. :) Google News:
Customize your Google News. Jeremy Z remains eternally unimpressed by the lack of a login feature.

MSN RSS Aggregator:
Beta Prototype

An aggregator that learns with you:
ChameleonReader. it probably does not seem like that big of a deal right up until you find yourself subscribing to about 150 - 200 blogs.

eBay launches international Craigslist competitor by the name of Kijiji

Google Cloaking:

We inadvertently showed additional information on product support pages to both Google's site search crawler and Google's main web crawler - Google spokesman Barry Schnitt

So do you think your workers are incompetent or your search algorithms suck? How do you accidentally keyword stuff those titles and not notice it?

More Bill Gates on PR:
British Workers: liars. You got to wonder if he makes the "free culture = communist" and "British worker = liar" type statements just to watch the reactions.

Starting a Company?
How to Start a Startup. Mitch Ratcliff is running a diary about his new company. Ross Mayfield talks about relationships over transactions. 5 years ago the stock market crashed. It seems as I get older the years are going by way faster.

neato found on Blogoscoped

Search is a Platform
Negotiating Trust

Published: March 11, 2005 by Aaron Wall in internet


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