Google PageRank: Toolbar Update...

Wow, about time...over 100 days between Toolbar PageRank updates. It is still going back and forth on the toolbar.

You can view the new Google PageRank details here.

Published: October 6, 2004 by Aaron Wall in google


October 7, 2004 - 9:16am

Yep! I just saw the PR update today.

October 7, 2004 - 8:05pm

Looks like your website was among the first one to come up with the news. So we went and took a look and yep pages that were published around 3-4 weeks ago now all have page ranks. Keep up the good work.

October 7, 2006 - 4:54pm

Yep!! Pagerank Update Again. Oct. 5.

Rob Abdul
June 15, 2006 - 12:08am

I'm getting impatient don't know how I going to cope,

I can just about anticipate and hope,

Google God, has thou forsaken me? Thy child (My site a PageRank of Zero! Come on
Google God pull your finger out. Don't punish your children for Satan link farms)

I have followed thy commandments, (Webmaster Guidelines)

I have followed thy gospels (Analytics, Sitemaps, 301 Redirects, slow buildup of quality Back links)

Patience is a virtue and I am learning this the hard way.

And Lord Google I give thanks always for the excellent SERPs for my keywords,
(But a PageRank of something will help)


June 2, 2006 - 5:30am

Ya when's the new page rank update for google. I am eagerly waiting for the new update. Can't wait to hopefully see my site boost up its rank from the page rank 0 that it currently has.

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