Understanding Google's Mindset on Classifying Spam


  • people would not notice it when Google removes your site from the search results
  • Google can clone your business model without paying writers to produce content or carrying physical inventory

... then your site is spam. Maybe not by today's standards, but eventually.

As the web evolves, a once whitelisted site can become a site that is easy to penalize. Evolve with the web, or grow irrelevant by the day.

This could sound like a scaremongering post, or it could be taken as a sign of the importance of connecting with people on an emotional level, and offering an experience worth sharing.

Published: November 13, 2007 by Aaron Wall in google


November 14, 2007 - 3:47am

When you say "evolve with the web or grow irrelevant by the day." I guess that's a hint at book publishers publishing their content online and thus most written information becoming hard/impossible to compete with (unless you find a topic on which there are no books), which means your sites have to become more interactive (trying hard not to use that buzzword ;))?

But I assume you weren't referring exclusively to that (were u referring to that at all?), but to the web becoming more competitive in general?

How can one evolve with the web? Becoming more web 2.0ish (ok now I used it) and using video content? I cant help but think there's something else you were hinting it that I dont see ;-(

November 14, 2007 - 4:25am

The tools you use and the interactivity are certainly part of what I was referencing. But also topic selection and content format are two big components. And then so is brand building and community participation on and off your site.

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