Marketing via Blog Channels - Creating Blog Networks

Duct Tape Marketing Channels:
Recently John Jantsch has partnered with many new authors to create a bunch of new channels for various related marketing ideas such as branding, pr, and innovation.

I think it is rather hard to satisfy the egos of a bunch of marketers & reward them well enough to keep them on. MarketingVox (formerly known as Marketing Wonk) is a good example of a similar type of project. It was exceptionally strong about a year and a half ago but seems to have slipped a bit as many of the channel managers have left.

Best of luck with the new project John, It's gonna be a ton of hard work to keep it going.

Speaking of Blog Networks:
John's network is a targeted quality one, but when everyone and their dog starts to make generic blog networks will they add anything useful to the web, or just try to gain a market position from which they can exploit profits by cluttering the web with noise?

The new Mortgage Refinancing Blog makes the Weblog Empire suspect from the word go.

Why as a Concept Blog Ethics = Garbage:
Not too long ago Darren Rowse mentioned what a horrible human being I was for mentioning a blog spam script. Yet when you look at some of the example blogs in his blog network you find zero original content.

Here is a good example blog from an ethical pro blogger:
Try to find something useful, original, professional, or compelling on THAT.

Cashing In:
Is a cross linked off topic network only abusing its power to manipulate search results if they are not wrapping the network in AdSense?

Should every socially connected person run a poker, casino, pharmacy, or credit blog? Or a network of them?

PubSub Link Tool

There are a ton of tools that show blog connectivity data. Many people have already mentioned this tool, but I didn't because I figured it would be a boring me too type tool. I just tried it out, and it looks pretty cool.

It shows inlinks and outlinks by date, which should make it easier to:

  • see how ideas spread

  • find a few hundred more related blogs to add to your feed reader
  • find on topic ad buy locations
  • perform guerilla marketing

A couple ideas that would make this technology even cooler are:

  • clustering the links around posts or ideas

  • organizing the links in order of appearance

I have not dove deep into PubSub or Technorati, and am not a programmer by trade, but they both probably have some interesting marketing research data. It will be interesting to see if and how they market it, and how bloggers will respond.

Hosting Content Articles... ____ Business Model

Recently Andy Baio noticed another powerful site hosting off topic high margin content.

It looks as though Google has already banned Syndic8. The comments are looking like they might be somewhat interesting.

AdWords in RSS, Various other Links...

Easy to Compare:
Wal Mart & Google, except that Google has a strong brand.

more than a spit fight

Death of Newspapers:
The future of journalism

AdWords Spying:
GoogSpy looks scrapes hundreds of thousands of searches from Google to determine who is bidding on what terms. The idea is killer, but the implementation is a bit lacking. Link found from ThreadWatch.

Google AdSense in RSS:
alpha testing

RSS Spamming:
RSS Injector

Niche Tips:
an old WMW thread

Steven Berlin Johnson, one of my favorite authors, announced the release of Everything Bad Is Good for You

Search Engine Meeting, reviewed

Assorted Links...

Why did Adobe Buy MacroMedia?
all the reasons. no spin.

Algorithms & Patents & Spam, oh My:
Yahoo!'s Concept Network & SuperUnits

Is NickW for Blog Spam?
certainly not, when its done sloppily to one of his blogs ;)

The Wrong Tail:
people are starting to use The Long Tail without purpose. better get that book printed quick.

Yahoo! Buys
a good post from Nacho.

New Blog:
O'Reilly Radar

New Browser:
Opera 8 Launched

Media Futures:
Media Futures, Part 1/5: AUTOMATA

Internet Advertising:
A decade in Online Advertising (PDF) - report by DoubleClick, who may get bought out soon. found on Lee's blog

Wanna Park?
viral marketing at its best: I Park Like an Idiot

More SEO Blogs

a few I have recently found...

Review of Blogging Equalizer: Crap? or Fake Blogs for the Masses?

hehehe. Jeff Alderson with another equalizer program. Blogging Equalizer is software used for posting links to a blog to get pages on other site indexed.

The software spiders a domain you enter and then spams a blog post on one of your fake blogs to have Yahoo! quickly index all the pages on that site.

I started another blog a few days ago and subscribed to the feed via My Yahoo!, and quickly indexed it. Sure this loophole will be closed somewhat soon by Yahoo! though as marketers create products like this to exploit it.

From his sales copy

And, you should keep in mind, if you're doing the "Blog and Ping" technique manually or paying someone else thousands of dollars to do it for you, then it might take you months, or even years, to make back your investment in time and money...

As far as I can tell there is no reason or value add in buying the software.

  • Most blog software programs can be configured to ping automatically. I believe WordPress already is.

  • You can set up a blog free at numerous places.
  • You can subscribe to the feed quickly via My Yahoo! (which this software requires you to do anyway).
  • Xenu link slueth (and some other programs) can create site maps free.

Jeff Alderson, where is the value add in your blog spam software? Surely the legit blog spam software annoys people and builds link popularity, but I can't see this software doing much to save most people time.

Business Blog Idea: Search Spamming Secrets

A blog with the latest cutting edge search engine spam techniques. Of course you would probably make more money keeping all the techniques to yourself and applying them, but I bet it could be a paid membership idea where it costed hundreds of dollars a month and potential subscribers would be screened.

If you left some stuff openly avialable (maybe stuff that was on its way out / getting outdated) and then sold the best ideas via subscription it would probably gain lots of linkage data from bloggers and various ethics pundits out of pure hate. Plus just being controvercial makes it easy to get links.

As an upsell the site could also sell various high end sophisticated spamming software. To mitigate legal risks the software could be described as server load testing, ad network testing, etc.

There are probably over 1,000 SEO blogs on the market. I know DaveN knows his spam, but I wonder why nobody has created this idea yet. Or does it exist and I just have not found it, or I do not know the right people well enough?

The Pope & Link Building

So a new Pope was elected. I do not follow religion much, but I do offer legitimate charities my ebook free.

A friend of mine does a good amount of link building and runs a few topical blogs.

One of his recent blogs was featured in AOL, BBC, Yahoo!, CNN, MSNBC, Salon, Guardian Unlimited, etc etc etc

He created a blog about the Pope, which was a unique idea when he did it. Many people could do well to write about their interests even if they do not have a business model in mind. Odds are if you enjoy the topic it will show in your writing and it will not seem like work.

Not every site has to make money. Some provide valuable services or build social currency. From that sometimes you can make profits in other ways, or maybe only profit from a spiritual front.

Pope Benedict XVI was just elected, and no doubt if Andy keeps enjoying and working as hard as he has been he will continue to have a voice in that space.

Cheap Blog Spamming Script, Blog Spam Comment Submission Software, & Lists of Spamable Blogs

So those who blogspam usually keep their tools to themselves or their friends because there is so much $$$$$$ in it.

Evidentally some sites have decided to sell scripts...

This site has one for only $115, but when you click on the link their merchant partner ShareIt says the item does not exist.

This site has one for $300, which is the same price as a paid submission to the Yahoo! Directory, but it can probably help you get many many many more links. ;)

Lots of quality features, including:

  • Autosubmit to unlimited sites
  • Use browser simulate system for anonymous Your requests
  • Use random proxies
  • Use random User agents
  • Use random Referer sites
  • Log file for requests
  • Save bad urls
  • Save successful submited urls
  • Check the proxies
  • Save bad proxies
  • URL extractor extracts URLs for specific terms with most popular search engines using fast technology - the 1000 URLs You can extract up to 20 seconds.

They also sell 3 lists of 10,000 blogs each at $100 a pop. A friend of mine who is a big time blog spammer stated that the crawl was the hardest part of blog spamming.

Now I do not know a lot about blog spam other than I delete lots of the shit. I have not tried out the blogspam tool as using it is negative 1000 karma points, but if you give it a try please let me know what you think of it.

I also think there are many valuable techniques to the art of effective blog spam. Some people probably are better at getting their spam to stick than others are. Its all about relevancy and providing useful content. hehehe :)

[update: A mate of mine has slightly better in house software but said that this second piece of software is solid spam framework. Again, I have not tried it though.]