Trending and Tracking the Blogosphere and Newsosphere

Feedback Loops:

Most searches occur at the main search sites and portals (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, etc.), but some people also search for temporal information, looking to find what is hot right now, or seeing how ideas spread. Not everyone can afford WebFountain, but we can all track what people are searching for or how stories are spreading using:

Feed Readers :
Subscribe to your favorite channels (or topical RSS feeds from news sites)

Blog Search:
search for recent news posted on blogs

Blog Buzz Index:
search for stories rapidly propagating through blogs

General Buzz & Search Volume:

Product Feedback:

News Search:

Test Ad Accounts & Test Media:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • write press releases and submit them cheaply to see how much buzz & news search volume their is around a topic, using sites like PR Web or PR Leap
  • post on a topic
    • see if it spreads
    • check referrer data
    • Sometimes stories emerge out of the comments. The Save Jeeves meme that spread originated around the time the person who created that story commented on my post about Jeeves getting axed.
    • Don't forget to have friends tag your story on and submit it to Digg.

Some are busy tagging what information they think is useful.

  • Delicious - personal bookmark manager.
  • Wink - tag search
  • Flickr - image tagging hottest tags
  • Tag Cloud - shows graphic version of hot tags
  • Furl
  • Technorati Tags
  • Digg Top Stories
  • Reddit
  • Ning
  • Squidoo
  • My Yahoo!
  • Google Search History (you can't see what others are tagging, but I bet it eventually will influence the search results - Google is already allowing people to share feeds they read)
  • more tagging sites come out daily...lots of others exist, like Edgio, StumbleUpon, Shadows, Kaboodle, etc etc etc
  • also look at the stuff listed in Google Base...there may or may not be much competition there, and Google Base is going to be huge.

Track Individual Stories and Conversations & Trends of a Blog:

Bloggers typically cite the original source OR the person who does the most complete follow up.

Blog Trends:
See if a blog is gaining or losing marketshare and compare blogs to one another

Overall Most Popular Blogs and Stories:

Did I miss anything? Am sure I did. Please comment below.

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Published: January 6, 2006 by Aaron Wall in articles blogs


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