Review of Google AdWords 123 by Greg Helsin

Google AdWords 123 is a 115 page affiliate marketing ebook by Greg Heslin. While he uses AdWords as the theme & title, the book is more of a beginners guide to affiliate marketing.

Things I liked about Google AdWords 123:

  • Focuses on consumer groups and how consumers think instead of focusing just on keywords. for example:

    • items which would be ordered discreatly (due to embarasement or the like) with little free information on the web is a good thing to sell.
  • he is willing to go agains conventional marketing gurus a few time, explaining his reasoning when he does
  • he has a long history in marketing and covers tips such as Attention, Interest, Desire, & Action
  • points out how to find good sales letters (looking for things like personal experience)
  • pointed out some free quality resources that I have not seen mentioned elsewhere. a few examples:
  • Does not sugar coat things or make them seem too complex. Gives the exact way he figures out what to bid.
  • his guide walks users through setting up their first campaign. He also reminds them that some people may take up to 20 tries to find a profitable product & helps them determine if or when they should pause or delete a word or campaign.

Things I thought could be improved with Google AdWords 123:

  • The book uses affiliate links. I think these are part of the reason why it is cheaper than many similar competing ebooks, but sometimes authenticity of recommendation is questioned when affiliate links are used. A while ago some people complained to me when I used some of them (and so I quickly removed the ones I used).

  • Does not recommend creating separate campaigns with lower bids for content ads. Content ads will typically less have less implied demand and value than search ads.
  • does not talk about dynamic keyword insertion, which is huge for helping ads appear relevant and encouraging high clickthrough rates.
  • points out that software automation is important for effectively using time, but does not point out keyword combination tools such as GoogEdit, ThePermutator, or this one.

Overall I thought it was a pretty good ebook, and at under $50 it was well worth it. Visit the Google AdWords 123 website to learn more.

Published: May 11, 2005 by Aaron Wall in book reviews


November 6, 2005 - 9:47pm

haha...I made that generator ;-) here's the updated version:

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