ClickTracks Hiding Links, Random Blog Posts, Censoring Search Results

Follow the Clicks:
ClickTracks hiding links on customers sites? Ouch. Seems a good number of companies are becoming a bit more carefree with their SEO techniques. What will search companies do when ethical SEO is seen as nothing more than an arbitrary label? DaveN suggests that traffic may well pattern how upcomming search algorithms view links.

Random Blog Posts:
Not sure how long this free random blog post tool will be online for. On the free content front, the US government has some free RSS feeds and so does the BBC.

Dogpile to World:
Meta search is still relevant. Of course, their Missing Pieces study (2 page PDF) forgot to mention that if you search for something like SEO 17 of the top 20 DogPile listings are paid ads, and you will still end up with missing pieces ;)

Their study may have been a bit more accurate if they compared pay per click ads, since those dominate the DogPile search results.

link spammer?

Normal Linking:
MartiniBuster issues 3 lashes with the cane.

Censoring Search Results:
Danny Sullivan on Google & Web Position Gold

Consider this. Until earlier this month, WebPosition was owned by WebTrends, in turn owned by NetIQ, a publicly listed company in the US. Now it's owned by Francisco Partners, another publicly listed company. The purchase was announced March 28 and concluded May 3.

Now you're an investor wondering about this sale. You decide to research some of the products. You turn to your trusted research tool, Google. You do a search for one of the products you've heard about, WebPosition. And you can't find the official site about it?

That's relevancy? That's serving the user? That's organizing the web's information? And that's defending Google because it somehow stopped all the other resellers showing up in its editorial results as well as the ads Google itself accepted?

Google still having some problems?

shakey TOS

Published: May 16, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tools


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