LinkWorth to Sell Presell Pages / Content Hosting

From thee LinkWorth blog

Today LinkWorth is proud to launch its newest advertising product called, Billboard Link Ads. This new and exciting technology takes text link advertising to an entirely new level by allowing the advertiser to create a very effective write up about their product or service being promoted, embedding targeted linked keywords and/or phrases throughout the content and having the entire dedicated page hosted on one of our partner websites. So instead of buying a simple text link from someone, you are purchasing an entire page with up to 10 text links included throughout the content.

I am a bit surprised that nobody has tried to set up a marketplace for this until now.

As long as people have been buying and selling links for you would think that many more people would pick up on this idea. WeBuildPages has been marketing this concept, but the idea of being able to chose amongst an open marketplace makes the idea much more scalable.

I know search engines can probably pick up on more patterns than most webmasters realize, but many people selling links through LinkWorth link back to LinkWorth on their site using affiliate links, which likely makes it both easy and appealing for some search engines to give less weighting to links from those sites or decide to not want to count those ads.

LinkWorth should protect their inventory partners and advertisers better than that if they aim to create a longterm solution.

There are many affordable programmers and many marketers are sitting on stacks of cash. There should be more people pushing these types of solutions.

Published: April 28, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tools


November 24, 2005 - 10:07am

I've come interested with this content hosting concept and after reading around, I'm confused. There is a site that talks about it and says they have been selling it for over a year and make it sound like they are the originators of it. Then I find your post about being the originators with the seo thought in mind. I did a little more research and found that it seems as if textlinkbrokers might be lying about using it for a year and also, they talk about having like 35k sites in inventory but when looking through the inventory they only have a few hundred listings.

So my question is, these textlinkbroker people, are they as much of a joke as they appear to be? It seems like there is a bunch of smoke being blown up my a$$. I noticed your link on their site so I'm not sure if you have a biased opinion, but I am leaning towards the site mostly because I feel cheated by the site. Suggestions?

November 28, 2005 - 4:25am

Linkworth and TextLinkBrokers were not the originators of the term presell page. I coined the term (at least as it relates to SEO) and I believe the first seo company or internet marketing site which was well known and widely offered the presell pages was

TextLinkBrokers is one of only two well known link brokers that I would even consider trusting enough to rent links from (patrick gavin's text link ads being the other), so I think your comment is a bit negative there.

Also if I was text link brokers I might not be inclined to want to let everyone know what all sites I was selling links off of, so you may not have seen all their inventory.

April 29, 2005 - 2:10am

What are you getting at Aaron?

'LinkWorth should protect their inventory partners and advertisers better than that if they aim to create a longterm solution.'

Do you like Linkworth or not? I'm not sure after reading this entry.

April 29, 2005 - 2:20am

I like the basic idea but think there are some things in the implementation that could be done better.

I do not know LinkWorth well and have not used their services yet, but I do like the idea of having a network of sites willing to sell content pages.

My note of caution was just that I do not think it is the best idea to link back to a link network which sold your ads next to your advertisements.

To put it more bluntly, if you were a search engine and you saw

ads by some link selling site
and then a bunch of links near it would you put much weight on those ads? If I were a search engineer I wouldn't.

April 29, 2005 - 6:12am

I use link worth for buying and selling and really like the system. What I've really been impressed with is the willingness to listen to suggestions. There are 3 things I suggested and they're all available now. So maybe suggesting an attempt to create a bit more confidentiality for the publisher sites might help. I do agree with you Aaron about the content/billboard product they have now, it's kind of a genius idea. One that seems so obvious but no one offers it that I know of.

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