Google Shows ODP Info, Google Maps Integrates Keyhole, Google Steals Customers from SEMs

Apr 7th

Google Showing Dynamic Titles:
If exact search query matches a relevant site's ODP details Google may use ODP data in the search results.

Google Maxi:
Google adds more definition languages, and adds KeyHole satelight images to their maps product.

Google Mini:
So cheap everyone should buy one ;) that is of course, unless

Excuse me, I'll Take That:
rumour of Google stealing large AdWords clients. WTF is that?

Danny Sullivan also wrote an article (sub req) about how some large advertisers get additional SEO support from search engines.

Google is known to tell some large advertisers that it is OK to do things that are against their official webmaster guidelines.

If you selectively boost some sites it has the same net effect of manually penalizing or filtering others, which goes counter to that "democratic nature of the web" "we don't manually..." "don't be evil b/s."

Published: April 7, 2005

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