Ryan Deiss Perpetual Traffic Formula Review

Marketing generally has 2 core strategies in terms of customers: finding new customers & keeping your current/old customers happy. The best businesses tend to keep the interest of their customers for months and years through consistently improving their products and services to deliver more value. Whereas the other sorts of businesses tend to be hard-close / hype driven & always promoting a new product / software / scheme. It is never a complete system being sold, but some "insider secret" shortcut that unearths millions automatically while you sleep - perpetually. ;)

One of the problems with false scarcity hype launches is that it attracts the type of customers who can't succeed. The people who are receptive to that sort of marketing want to be sold a dream, they are not the type of people who want to put the time and effort in to become successful. They are at stage 2 in this video: "my life sucks" ... so sell me a story that will instantly make everything better without requiring any change from me at all. ;)

Another one of the problems with the hype launch business model is that it requires you to keep repeating the sales process like a traveling salesman. Each day you need to think up a new scheme or angle to sell a new set of crap from, and you have to hope that the web has a short enough memory that the scammy angles used to pitch past hyped up product launches don't come to bite you in the ass.

I don't mind when the get rich quick market work their core market, as there is a group of weak minded individuals who are addicted to buying that stuff. But I always get pissed off when someone claims that your field is trash or a scam (as an angle to sell something else), and then they later start trying to paint themselves as an expert in your field.

Here is a video snippet of Ryan Deiss exclaiming his ignorance of the SEO field & how he got ripped off thrice because he knew so little he couldn't tell a bad service provider from a good one.

"If you want to get free traffic you have to get good at the cut-throat game of SEO (which I for one am not). ... SEO for most of us isn't the right answer." - Ryan Deiss

And his latest info-product (in perhaps a series of dozens of them?) is called Perpetual Traffic Formula. In the squeeze page he highlights that it offers you the opportunity to... "Discovering a crack in Google algorithm so big it simply can't be patched. Being able repeat the process for similar results in UNLIMITED niches."

You don't have to be an expert to create an info-product!

The Droid has a pretty good review of how awful his sites are doing in terms of "perpetual traffic." :D

If you want to buy from a person who *always* has another new product with a secret short cut to sell, Ryan is THE guy. If you want to learn how to evaluate the quality of products being sold, here are some good tips on that front. And if you want to get a good overview of the internet marketing world for free you will love this.

Published: August 4, 2010 by Aaron Wall in marketing


Wesley LeFebvre
August 4, 2010 - 8:04pm

Recently I decided to subscribe to a few of BIG NAMED "make money online" blogs just to read some new material. I was surprised so many of them used the tactic of dissing SEO and acting ignorant, while also making money selling it through some form of training or affiliate link.

August 4, 2010 - 8:37pm

Yup...there is a huge sub-section of the marking blogging space where *nothing* is good UNLESS there is an affiliate link to promote. :D

And, conversely...

Almost anything with a high affiliate payout is the best thing since sliced bread.

August 4, 2010 - 8:34pm

So great to see a truthful review from such a recognized industry leader.

Thanks Ryan!

August 4, 2010 - 8:34pm

Just realized I called you Ryan! Sorry Aaron. I'm thanking YOU!

August 5, 2010 - 1:16am


I was unfortunately one of the hundreds who commented to get a free scholarship.

Glad I didn't - my SEO's fine, thanks to you, A.

August 5, 2010 - 5:06pm

Glad to see Dave Logan's Ted Talk get a relevant mention.

Enjoyed the book, "Tribal Leadership", and their website info.

August 6, 2010 - 1:49pm

Thanks for the share. It was really informative.

August 6, 2010 - 3:20pm

Thanks for sharing - there's a lot of truths in this!

August 11, 2010 - 3:10pm

I learned many details. thank you your them. It was really informative article.

August 23, 2010 - 10:24pm

Several years ago, I bought and paid for a "lifetime membership" in the International Fitness Center of Lenexa, KS.
Shortly after my check cleared the back, the went bankrupt.
They offered me a chance to pay their current annual fee for continuing the membership. Needless to day, I balked on paying them twice.

A couple years ago, I purchased the SEOBook with "Lifetime" updates. Aaron offered me a "chance" to subscribe for a monthly fee. I can join now for $300/ month or $3,600.00 per year.

What is the definition of lifetime?

August 24, 2010 - 9:51am

Hi John
Well when you die you will know the answer to your question. :)

Could you show me another 350 page ebook on SEO that was frequently updated for nearly a half-decade straight? In internet years, 4+ years is a lifetime.

Would I be any smarter to ride a business model that was dying into bankruptcy (like your gym folks did)? Is that how you run your business?

And I wasn't the one who killed that business model...but I was the one who saw it dying and decided to change before it had died.

Thank Google for recommending torrents of my work when people searched on my brand. Here is their take on what they are doing to copyright. Don't blame me for not realizing how evil some search companies were in my first 14 months online. I wasn't a macro-economics expert in 2004.

Further, after the get-rich-quick scammer folks entered the SEO market - selling hype and dreams to the desperate and dumb and lazy ignorant folks, it no longer made sense to serve the market at a low end price-point. Those get-rich-quick marketers literally polluted that market segment with hopeless and helpless potential "customers".

Having maybe 1% of your customers not be a good fit isn't a big deal. But after those clowns came in and hyped up the SEO space, it quickly escalated to something like 10% of customers not being a good fit. And so I had to move upmarket.

If you no longer enjoy what you are doing it is killing you. And in that sense, the old model was certainly dead...it had lived its "lifetime."

Further, over the years the value of my time kept increasing. I could have chose to water down my product to make the old model work (have someone ghostwrite the book - that is what the get-rich-quick clowns would do), or I could have maintained an authentic experience, and use price to filter out undesirable folks in the market & charge a rate that is more inline with my other income sources, building a deeper relationship with the people who valued my work the most.

Of course anytime you change that will mean some people are angry. When I mentioned that I was going to blog less and launch a membership site I got hate comments from folks who demanded that I continue to work for free for them. Of course none of them offered to return the favor.

I don't really set my rates. The market does. All I do is have limited time, and need to adjust to the market's demands. Being perpetually under-priced and perpetually over-worked is a pretty stupid life balance strategy. It means that you are short fused and you end up delivering less value that way. I still work close to 100 hours a week & am fine with that. By lowering prices I could put that up to 120 hours & then be constantly miserable + in worse physical shape. But what do I (or my customers) gain in doing that?

And your above gym example is complete bullshit, for a variety of reasons:

  • We offered a multi-month long money back guarantee with our ebook (not sure if it was 60 or 90 days, but it was quite a while). And we were transparent about shifting our business model. When we shifted people had the option of asking for a refund if they wanted to. I had even gave refunds to some folks who had bought the ebook 6 or 12 months prior.
  • Our launch price was only $50 a month for the membership site. It moved up because we kept adding value AND the value of my time kept increasing. Hundreds of people gladly pay it because they get great value in it.
  • We gave *ALL* past customers the option to get a free 3-month trial. And hundreds and hundreds of members did just that.
  • The ebook only cost $79. If you bought it and didn't get a 1000%+ return then you either never read it or did not attempt to apply it.
  • The gym business model doesn't offer you a free trainer at each machine. What people are buying from us today is *NOT* sitting on an exercise machine, but rather more akin to hiring a personal trainer. And when people would buy my ebook many sorta treated it the same way. Some people would pay me $600 an hour for consulting (and be happy with the value - the current rate is $2000 & people still pay it), while some "ebook" customers would be too lazy to read the ebook & then try to treat that purchase as though they had bought "lifetime unlimited 1 on 1 consulting via email" eating hours and hours and hours of my time for $79. What would you do if you were me? I figured putting people in a social setting would make the interaction more reasonable & drive the least desirable segments of the customer market away. That presumption was right. Since changing our business model, there has been no thin poker affiliate site that was buying $60,000 a month in links buying my ebook *AFTER* his site gets banned & demanding I restore $60,000 of monthly income to him for the $79 he paid me.
  • We still offer more value *FOR FREE* on our blog than the hype scammer folks do in their $2,000 "buy today because this changes everything" packages which they launch every couple weeks. Note that while many of them have launched product after product this site currently has 1 service at 1 pricepoint & has only ever offered 2 services (1:1 consulting + membership program) and 1 product (ebook) in its 7 year lifetime. And this site is still going strong after 7 years...unlike the get-rich-quick sites that need a new domain name & rebrand for each launch because they have a bad BBB rating on all their past enterprises.

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