Another SEO for Firefox Update

I just updated SEO for Firefox again. Now it numbers the search results, and it allows you to sort the results by any of the selected variables. I didn't want the sorting to be obtrusive, so you have to right click on the search results, scroll over SEO for Firefox, then scroll over sort on the submenu and click the variable you want to sort by. The sorting works best at digging deeply if you have your results set to show 100 search results per page. To show 100 search results on Google you would add &num=100 to the address bar of the search result.

A few ways to use the sort feature:

  • find the most recently cached pages

  • find the oldest sites for purchasing advertising on them
  • find the most important internal pages on a site to get a link from. For example, search for topic, and sort by PageRank, .edu page links, etc.
  • etc etc etc

See Google PageRank and Anchor Text of Your Inbound Links

Joost de Valk emailed me about a Firefox Greasemonkey extension webmasters can use with Google's Webmaster Tools to see the PageRank and anchor text of inbound links.

The tool is fast, and does a good job of showing you how well you have been mixing your inbound anchor text, but you need to be using Firefox with Greasemoney installed to see the information. Greasemonkey extensions are easy to make, especially if you read Dive inot Greasemonkey.

SEO for Firefox Updated

SEO for Firefox has been updated again. It now shows the number of pages from a site that are stuck in the supplemental results.

Here is an old primer on supplemental results, and here is how to find what pages from a site are in the supplemental results.

New Keyword List Cleaner Tool

With many companies offering free keyword research tools I recently created a keyword list cleaner that can be used to help you format keyword data into a usable format. Use the SEO Book keyword list cleaner, grab the source code if you like it, or read here for background on the tool.

Yahoo! Pipes Are Cool

Yahoo! Pipes is a visual RSS slicing, dicing, and meshing tool. Basically you can take any feeds you like, add them together, and apply a bit of filtering. It is fairly intuitive and a lot a of fun for a wannabe programmer like me. And then when you create something, someone else can clone your pipes and add more stuff to it.

Here are some cool ways to use Yahoo! Pipes:

  • track the latest news in your industry (filtering by sources, keywords, or both)

  • track domain and marketplace offers like Shoemoney does here
  • track inbound links or mentions by syncing up blog search tools
  • see how fast ideas are spreading by tracking all the major social sites and blog search engines at the same time
  • watch eBay price trends (and just about any other trend which you can subscribe to)
  • see which Yahoo! Pipes are spreading, think of how you can improve those ideas or apply them to other markets
  • if you are dirty or aggressive about monetization ;) create a Pipe that is a core to many other pipes that pulls data from major websites like eBay while using your affiliate links in your Pipes

Tim O'Reilly has a great post about how the concept of Pipes could be highly valuable.

Google Offers More Link Data

Google's Link: command has been broken forever, but now Google is letting you see a far more representative sample of external links to your site and your internal link structure if you verify that you are the owner of your site by signing up at Google Webmaster Central. They also allow you to export your linkage data in an excel file. Some ways to use this data:

  • look at internal link structure of important pages and make sure they are well represented

  • look at internal external structure of important pages and make sure they are well represented
  • look at which pages on your site are well represented and make sure they link to other key pages
  • download your external linkage data and sort by date to look for new link sources (and why they are linking at your site)
  • run the excel sheet through a duplicate site remover or c class IP range checker to see how diverse your linking profile is

If you have shifty sites obviously there would be little to no upside in verifying those sites with Google, but if your sites are generally above board you might find this tool useful.

Thanks to Adam.

Wordtracker Launches New Free Keyword Tool

Ken McGaffin just shot me an email alerting me to a free version of Wordtracker, which goes 100 terms deep, and shows daily search volume estimates based on the marketshare of Dogpile and Metacrawler.

Nice timing there Wordtracker!

SEO for Firefox Updated

SEO for Firefox was recently updated. The new features are scraping Google cache dates, and allowing you to CSV export the data. What are some cool ways to use SEO for Firefox?

  • Check out how old competing businesses are.

  • Evaluate the competitive nature of a marketplace.
  • Research the backlinks to a competing business to see whch links are their most powerful.
  • Do a site level search on a site to see which pages are most frequently cached, and to check the general health of a site.

What are your favorite ways to use SEO for Firefox? What other features should be added to it?

SEO Elite Review - Warning: Some Testimonials Are Fake

Warning About SEO Elite Feedback

Please be careful when reading feedback about SEO Elite. I shockingly discovered that many of the below comments praising SEO Elite are fake. Read more about it here.

If my experience with someone posting fake testimonials to this page says anything else for the marketing used to push SEO Elite, I am not sure how much I would trust any of it.

Why I Don't Recommend SEO Elite

I used to recommend Brad Callen's SEO Elite, but due to evolving search algorithms placing more emphasis on site age and usage data I believe that (unless you are penalized or are right on the edge of being penalized) looking through a link profile does not have much value beyond just getting a quick glance at it. And you can do that free using the link explorer inside Bing's webmaster tools.

And if you do get penalized by a search engine, you might be able to get a ticket (as well as link data for your site) inside their webmaster tools sections, plus the online link data sources are great at helping you spot trends and patterns.

Services like Majestic SEO & Ahrefs also let you download link data for your site (while charging if you want data for 3rd party sites). SEOmoz offers a free one-month trial & their Open Site Explorer also offers link data.

The Best Market Analysis Tool:

I rank on the first page of Google's search results for SEO. I know the field inside and out.

SEO for Firefox is a free tool which allows you to view far more data than most of the desktop SEO tools. Download it here for free today.

SEO for Firefox offers everything you would want to know about links and site authority status outside of anchor text, and my friend Joost De Valk created a free SEO link analysis Firefox extension which shows anchor text and PageRank next to links.

Just spending 5 minutes installing those two extensions means you don't need to waste any time or money downloading and installing bulky software. Further, if you use the online link databases you can be certain you are pulling fresh data & they have loads of features in their interfaces (like seeing which links are brand new, many ways to look through anchor text profiles, tracking new links to competing sites, and so on).

Free Online Link Analysis Tools (No Download Required!)

Bing offers a free link explorer inside their webmaster tools.

Backlink Watch shows you the anchor text and PageRank of inbound links for free.

Jim Boykin offers a number of cool tools.

Free Downloadable Link Analysis Software:

Tattler and Backlink Analyzer both allow you to view backlink information for free. Tattler is quicker than any of the paid tools on the market. At the price of free it can save you anywhere from $150 to $225 when compared to software like Optilink or SEO Elite. If you want a bit more data than what is featured in Tattler you may want to give Backlink Analyzer a go. Here is a free video on how easy it is to use Backlink Analyzer:

The above mentioned tools were powered by Yahoo! Site Explorer, which has since went away. :( ... However Bing offers a replacement in the link explorer inside their webmaster tools.

Catching Up With Free Tools:

SEO Elite does have a few features that are not included in the free tools listed above, but about the only features I found useful are also available in free easy to use web based tools, like rank checker. SEO Elite later added at co-citation data, which is something many other tools like Link Tree or Hub Finder have been doing for years.

Stay Away from Bad Link Neighborhoods:

I also would recommend avoiding link exchange networks and the typically low quality links people get by using automated link software. Years after search engines started torching websites for getting links from crappy link exchange directories people were still selling access to them, in effect charging you money to get your site penalized. ;)

Google's Matt Cutts has confirmed that these types of links can hurt your website and prevent Google from even indexing it. Most the sites that participate in them are spammy. If you force your link building and get many low quality links it will be much harder to crack the top 10 rankings. If you want to do link building that will actually help you rank I recommend reading this post.

Why Affiliates Push SEO Elite so Hard:

Affiliates recommending SEO Elite with rave reviews make over $70 per sale to recommend it. If I would have just recommended it to you via an affiliate link and you would have bought it I would have another $70 in my pocket, but think of effective link building as the art of getting real editorial citations that send traffic your way.

Since quality links require real human editorial judgement, most software will not help you on that front. In fact, focusing on software that has you looking at the wrong things may make it harder for you to become a topical expert.

A couple years ago when the algorithms were less evolved this was useful software, but I wouldn't recommend buying it today.

SEO Tool Updates

I recently updated a number of my SEO tools, and a few other people recently launched some interesting new search engine marketing tools.

  • Google changed their SERPs so I updated SEO for Firefox.

  • My keyword research tool was endlessly looping when Overture failed. A friend helped me update it to stop doing that. :)
  • All major search engines came together to support an open xml sitemaps standard.
  • on SEM2.0 a PPC keyword research tool named Key Compete was mentioned. It shows you keywords competitors are bidding on by URL, and can be used for keyword ideas for arbitrage plays or authoritative content sites. You know if people are bidding on the keywords that there are going to be relevant ads. If you track your earnings and outbound ad clicks (if you do not want to buy a script for that use the free script here) then when you find an overpriced outbound click you can go buy the keyword list for that advertiser and start cranking out bids or content based on exploiting a great keyword basket or an idiot advertiser. As technology gets cheaper and people keep getting better at packaging highly relevant affordable market research the only thing that will prevent you from becoming commoditized is your brand.
  • In case you missed it, a week or two ago I posted about a few new competitive research tools.