What is the Difference...

Between slapping ads on cloaked content, search results, other's content, link blogging, and thin content meta journalism sites?

Which, if any, of these will be viable for years to come? Especially as all of those markets flood, and automated content generation becomes more and more useful?

Published: September 2, 2006 by Aaron Wall in publishing & media


September 4, 2006 - 7:49am

Search results will always be viable as there will always be a need to filter through masses of information - I can't see humans going cave man any time soon when it comes to data.

Cloaked content is plain unethical unless the license is there

Link blogging has a place because everybody has a different set of opinions and interests, but in the future I believe this will come down to search results again. Google News already aggregates the same article from all over the world, it is not hard to see that a later version will use your viewing history to learn what news you like and provide you just the links you will be interested in - privacy issues aside.

As the markets flood the best will rise to the top, just as they always have. People will always talk about and tell their friends about the latest product which is better than x because y :)

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