Building Trust in Ad Systems

Google's ad network is large enough that they can afford to kill off portions of their short term income to improve long term network viability. The still sell ads on garbage sites because some advertisers find value there (and others have small accounts or have not researched their spend). Andrew Goodman recently had a great post about how Google is filtering out the profitability of advertising noisy spammy AdWords ads to minimize the number of them appearing on Google. Andrew wrote:

Post pages that don't give adequate access to the crawler - or adequate keyword cues - and you risk facing the wrath of the quality scoring algorithm. It's less of a worry as much if you have an established account - it's new accounts that face the toughest tests with the predictive aspect of the algorithm, intended to weed out specific types of violators, experimenters, and ham-fisted copywriters.

In essence Google is going to require you to build trust and market data over time to gain the ability to even be trusted enough to gain anything near maximal ad distribution (even if you are willing to overpay for exposure).

Jumping from Paid Search to Organic Search

Some people believe that old sites only rank well because of the links they have acquired over time, but I think even just existing for a certain amount of time without being manually or algorithmically tripped up for some spam infraction allows search engines to place more trust on your site.

Plus requiring sites to be a bit older to rank well requires an additional expense and / or level of knowledge that many people lack.

You can bet that if they are taking a lets wait and see approach on paid ads they are also doing the same on organic search results.

Published: May 31, 2006 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


May 31, 2006 - 5:32pm

Another way of looking at it is that Google is moving to a paid placement system, where THEY decide what ad space is worth, but they don't tell anyone.

June 1, 2006 - 12:41am

I'd like to see Google clean up some of the ads. A lot of Google's success stems from their brand and getting rid of a lot of spam will help keep the brand strong.

As for the organic results I've never had a problem with the age concept. Sure I wish it wouldn't take as long to gain the search presence I want, but why should anyone believe I can provide the service I claim I can.

Staying in business for a length of time has always been a way to measure that business, though certainly not the only one. Businesses that have been able to keep the doors open for a number of years have showed at least a certain acumen just for being able to stay in business. Why shouldn't the same be true for a website?

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