Off Site Offsite SEO - Nuclear Waste Style

If your main site does not have a brand to the scale of BMW then maybe it is true that your site has only 1 or maybe a few lives in the search results. For your main company site it may be worth it to take the slow and steady path to the top.

If you aggressively market pages on other sites that prominently feature you then you can do it over and over again, while likely significantly lowering your risk (as compared to directly marketing your own site aggressively).

For example, looking at the Google Viagra SERPs, the SERP is about 50% spam. You got:

  • .edu subdomains

  • other subdomains of other sites
  • Yahoo! news syndication of a press release
  • humor page turned advertisement

Since Google is overtrusting root domain trust and heavily leveraging that trust when evaluating the rankings for other pages on that same site many people are simply moving all spam external to their own sites, in favor of placing it on another well trusted domain. Then some of them are creatively using aggressive link strategies to promote those pages where they are prominently featured.

For many of these types of pages the creation and redirection and link building is entirely automated. But if you take a bit longer and create something like that humor page or create a real resource page it may stick in the SERPs longer and eventually grow into a self reinforcing position.

With as wide spread as some of these off site spam activities are I would expect Google to eventually find a way to break down the domain trust scores into pieces, ie: something like only trust a page on a domain in proportion to how much link popularity from that domain flows at that page.

What held Google SERP spam back was the need for placing spam on a trusted domain. Now that many people are exploring that option the system must once again evolve.

Published: April 27, 2006 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


April 27, 2006 - 9:23pm

I was just doing a search for viagra and on the first page of serps I see a couple of affiliates using a free poll site to somehow sneak their way in to the top rankings.They weren`t there last week.
I guess this is a good example of waht you are talking about although that domain is not well known (not by me anyway).I think these guys are using some other methods as well.
I`m also very curious about how the humor site guy is actually getting people to purchase the stuff since he is practically making fun of the whole process.
Love your blog man,read it every day.

April 28, 2006 - 3:01am

yeah lately they have been hanging off the trust of sites like netscape, msn spaces and soon you will be seeing Google Pages when that's made public and mainstream.

they then go out and automate the links to guestbooks & blogs and anywhere else that they can get automated anchor links.

alot of sites only would last a few weeks, but a few weeks to them at the top of the serp's might be equated to over $100k+?

Google will eventually have to downgrade the weight and trust score given to domains if they wish to improve there quality when there obviously getting gamed, quite easily.

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