Review of Andrew Goodman's Winning Results with Google AdWords Book

I have been doing way too little book reading, but was recently able to finish Andrew Goodman's print book on Google AdWords. It only costs about $16 on Amazon. Well worth splashing out if you are interested in PPC and don't want to spend the $50 to $100 most PPC ebooks cost.

On to the review... Google AdWords changes rapidly, so some of the features since publication have already significantly changed. For example, instead of disabling ads with a low clickthrough rate now Google increases the price if the relevancy of an ad is considered to be low (and apparently Andrew has already updated this in his ebook). Even today Google announced that they are trying to kill off even more of the bottom feeding market by showing less ads on search results that are not deemed to be exceptionally commercial. Andrew has long insisted that Google believes advertising to be a type of information, and in his book he predicted they would continue to innovate to focus on relevancy. Instead of focusing on tricks that work right now his advice is grounded in techniques that should yield long term success.

He also pointed to the fact that Google's organic search results tend to have an informational bias to them, which typically is true. Beyond the aging factor associated with print books the only other downside I would say there is to Andrew's print book would be the heavy bias toward PPC marketing over organic search. But I suspect that makes sense since that is Andrew's bread and butter. I probably am equally biased (or maybe more biased) toward organic search (because that is where I have done well thusfar).

At around 350 pages his print book is pretty beefy. It takes a while to work through, but Andrew worked hard to not just write the hows of the ads but also explain why he felt certain things work well and certain things would prove ineffective long term. His book also touches on many important online issues, such as brand credibility and conversion. He points heavily at viewing the process as an ongoing process that you continue to work at from end to end.

I think I learned much more from his ebook than this book, but that most likely consists as a sum of the following:

  • I read his ebook when I was totally new to the market

  • I read every post on his blog and his occasional newsletters
  • I read his Google Groups posts
  • I had already read his ebook before reading the print book

I just looked at the sales letter for his $69 ebook and saw that he gives you a free copy of this print book with it. My recommendation is to buy his ebook, read it first, and then if you want a bit more of the background and history information give the print book a read.

Anoother nice compliment I would like to dish Andrew's way is that many books or ebooks try to hook you on hiring the author, buying junk through affiliate links, or subscribing to an "informational" newsletter that hits you up with junk product offers weekly.

When you buy off Andrew you get good information, and you pay for honest advice without the upsell upsell upsell mentality that is all too common with most internet marketing informational products.

Published: April 28, 2006 by Aaron Wall in book reviews


April 30, 2006 - 6:13am

I have just purchased the seo tutorial. The tutorial had some interesting points. Something new I learned is that you should only link to sites that are of quality because search engines understand stand that you cannot control weather or not spam sites link to you, but you can control if you link to spam sites. Thankyou for your help.

May 19, 2006 - 6:06pm

I just found your Blog, and I must say that it is really a high caliber blog.

I am happy.

I have a question: I started with google 3 weeks ago, and I understand that without proper knowledge I will end up paying google employees... And I will not make any sales.

I want to understand what's hapenning, and I don't know, Perry, or Andrew?

I am really struggling, searching, I rented wordtracker, without knowing what I was doing, I am searching forums to see what I am doing wrong...

Thanks for Advice.

May 19, 2006 - 6:15pm

Hi Franck
if you are totally new you might want to give my PPC tips a try, but you will likely find Andrew's AdWords advice much more in depth and well worth splashing out for.

I think both Andrew and Perry offer valuable advice if you can afford it. If you can't afford it then you need to change your business model or ask why you have money to advertise on AdWords blindly.

April 28, 2006 - 4:05pm

I found Andrew's book to be a well written history of Google Adwords and PPC. I had one client buy it and one potential client buy it. The client that bought it told me yesterday that he doesn't have time to learn these things so he wants to engage me to a higher degree.

I bought the book because I lost a gig to the person that bought this book. After reading the book I doubt that person will get any meaningful how tos the will allow them to excel at PPC advertising.

I'm just sorry I missed Mr. Goodman at the SES conference in Toronto.

oh ... btw ... this was a very good review of the book by Aaron.

April 28, 2006 - 4:52pm

I'm sold. I just went to his site, and bought the ebook.

April 28, 2006 - 4:52pm

Thoroughly enjoyed the book and learned a few things from it too!

It was nice to read the "story" on search as I lived and worked search throughout most of it.

I particularly liked the Bill Gross part. I seem to remember (maybe not) having a credit card charge from Idea Labs back when GoTo started.

Superb must read book.

Charlotte, NC

April 28, 2006 - 7:54pm

Aaron - I trust your review and buy as well.. thanks for taking the time to document your review.

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