Creating an Official Page to Reference

So I have been cleaning broken links out of an old directory, and most of the time when I search Google for the phrase that was the anchor text for the old link the #1 result is a new site location for the same site. That is definitely a good thing for most of those sites that moved, but sometimes even within live sites people do not provide a definitive page to be linked at, which often forces them to miss out on income.

As cheesy as sales letters are, I have seen many non affiliates link to the sales letter for my ebook on this site. I could just have the mini sales letter on each post, but by having that common sales letter page it guarantees much of my link popularity associated with recommendations is consolidated around a certain controlled entry point, from which I could improve sales copy or customize offers if I decided to sell other products or services.

Even if you don't sell your product on your own site (or the web at all) it is still good to have a topical page beyond briefly announcing the launch such that you can make associated offers down the road (we have a new _____ coming out, etc.) and so you can switch where you direct traffic at depending on which resellers are providing you with the best value and conversion rate.

If you create a brand and the brand is something other than your site name / domain name you really want to give people something to link at on your site before you let resellers take that margin without giving you a chance at an enhanced cut for referring leads at a particular vendor. Branded terms are some of the most valuable terms in many markets, so it is best to get the #1 organic spot if you can so you are not forced into heavy PPC prices to get exposure for a brand you created and should have ranked for anyway.

Published: March 30, 2006 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


March 30, 2006 - 9:06pm

Hi Aaron,

I want to thank you for this great information. I read it at pieces at night, great stuff.

One question I have is that google must have changed their algorithm recently, because my site inexplicably went from 443 to #4 on my main keyword search term in two days. Also, my Page Rank went from -1 to 4. I was just wondering when you would include an update on this change that google must have made. My site is Bermuda Shorts .

I am sure you may have heard that something was going on. Where can I find out the information, so that I can better capitalise on this change.


March 30, 2006 - 9:21pm

Sites change in rankings all the time. You can't really assume that there was a huge algorithm shift based on one site doing well for one search phrase. You may have picked up a good link that you are unaware of and there are other factors too.

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