Google Toolbar 4 Launched, Free Google Toolbar Buttons

Google launched a new beta version of their toolbar for Internet Explorer.

There are two fundamental points to the new toolbar:

  • higher average CPC

  • user lock in

How is the average CPC raised?

  • Similar to the Firefox counterpart, the new beta Google Toolbar for IE suggests keywords based on the search history of other searchers. This will help many searchers get where they need to go by lowering the search volume and profitability of building content or keyword lists that are largely driven off of flawed Google search queries. Instead of people getting this free or under-priced traffic more will be forced to compete for the more common search queries.

  • The new toolbar also offers spelling correction suggestions. It will raise the average CPC similarly to the general effect of suggesting the more common non flawed search phrases.
  • The new toolbar may also help train searchers how to search, which in essence will drive the query streams toward hyper targeted 3 and 4 word queries instead of people searching for lower lead value generic terms.

How does the new toolbar lock in users?

  • Google put bookmarks in the toolbar and allows users to access them from anywhere they log in to your Google account at.

  • Google allows you to create custom buttons to make their toolbar more sticky than competing services. Instead of keeping you inside a Google content network this allows you to chose what vertical sites you feel are important. I am not much of a fan of Internet Explorer, but here are some Google Toolbar SEO buttons for my good friend Jim.

What all this means to search marketers:

  • It may get harder to run arbitrage based business models. ;)

  • Placing bookmarks INSIDE THE TOOLBAR means Google can more certainly track another type of user feedback, and they may even be able to use that user data to augment their link analysis. Much like how Trustrank can be used to flag high authority sites with low quality link popularity for manual review, Google may augment that to include high authority sites with few site visitors and/or few site bookmarkers.
  • The random walker of the web theory which PageRank was based upon could likely eventually be replaced -or at least heavily augmented- by data from the actual users of the web.
  • If you have not yet started a Google account (or a few of them) it may be worth creating some such that you can leverage them down the road. Older Google accounts with longer search histories may be trusted to weight the end search results more than new accounts (similarly to how Google typically trusts old domains more than new ones).
  • Get busy tagging your sites and friends sites if you have not done so yet. Don't forget to tag some legit authority sites to also keep your search profile looking somewhat legitimate and trustworthy.
Published: January 31, 2006 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


January 31, 2006 - 11:24pm

What is an arbitrage based business model? Any example?

January 31, 2006 - 11:26pm

What is an arbitrage based business model? Have you an example of such a business?

February 1, 2006 - 1:37pm

Well, arbitrage in trading generally means trying to take inefficiencies in the market and then hedging to end up with pure profit(that is you cover short and long and come out ahead). This definition is coming from someone who hasn't set foot in the market in 8 years.

Arbitrage based business model as it relates to SEs would probably be something along the lines of mispelled word domain holder and such. Those kind of "businesses" will be hit hard by this Google toolbar(although I wonder how many people actually have it installed).

February 2, 2006 - 11:05am

Recent popular arbitrage business model for search engine, especially Google is the AdWords vs. AdSense approach.

Marketers take advantage of the gap between the bid prices of AdWords and earnings in AdSense to cash in the money.

February 2, 2006 - 7:57pm

Holy Smokes, Aaron...when I sent you the email requesting some advice, I never expected a post this thorough. Right on. You have given me a lot to check out and I appreciate it. I'll let you know how it goes.

Aaron Pratt
February 4, 2006 - 7:11am

Wow, is this one post week Aaron? Or are you trying to cash in on the keyword "google toolbar"? ;)

February 6, 2006 - 10:47am

I've heard from several people that the arbitrage based business model is likely to favor bigger over smaller players. What are your thoughts/comments?

February 13, 2006 - 11:09pm

I got locked in immediately... and realized others would get locked in to the toolbar and its content.

Anyway, I don't think we should overlook that RSS is say 24 months away from mainstream, the toolbar is mainstream and that the new toolbar is a basic and simple RSS reader.

With the 1 billion dollar dell deal placing this toolbar on 100mm computers over the next few years this toolbar space may become the priciest real estate within google land...

At least I think so which is why I made 2.3 million buttons - each for each wikipedia RSS feed we host which provides the article, updates, quick link to edit it etc...

Great things come in small packages...The toolbar is not too be overlooked.

tks. miles

February 18, 2006 - 8:37pm

Just another two buttons - - for Yahoo! and Furl.Net.

March 2, 2006 - 2:08pm

this is a good site with buttons:

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