SearchKing Offers a Few SEO Tips

Bob King has a couple good posts over in a recent V7N thread.

How do You Deal with the Advancing Algorithms?

As search engine technology advanced and databases grew to hold billions instead of millions of documents, I found myself in a position of needing more tech to reverse engineer than I had available to me. There is also the cost factor. It was costing more and more to try to keep up with the engines than it was really worth.

It became evident to me that "concepts", the whys rather than the hows, were more important and provided a better return than spending untold hours setting up excell spreadsheets and losing sleep to a battle that I was doomed to lose no matter what.

How are Google's SERPs changing?

It makes me think the days of blog spamming and a million bullshit links beating out the guy with 999,999 bullshit links is coming to an end. They are still there but fewer, (which means it is becoming more difficult or at least less profitable), and fewer with more of the old established, branded sites that you would expect to see if it was a TRUST race.

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Published: January 30, 2006 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


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