Google a Web Bully? Hot Nacho Speaks Out Against Their Spam Double Standards

A while ago Chad Jones, from Not Nacho, the site involved with the WordPress content spam fiasco, spoke out about what went wrong.

WordPress hosted about 4,000 content articles about expensive topics. Matt Mullienweg hosted the content on and placed hidden links on the home page pointing at the articles.

WordPress, the popular blog software which use the hidden links, was back in the Google index quickly. Google is still punishing the owner of HotNacho to this day, as Chad states:

They seem to have taken punitive measures by looking up my other sites via WHOIS and punitively banning a bunch of my sites -- including my hobby freeware sites.

Sites I own (all of which Google has banned):

Thoughts on his article:

  • I don't like his comparisons on his content vs real spam, but his point that it is hard for human compiled content to be profitable against automated systems is on many fronts accurate.

  • Him saying Google controls over 90% of web traffic right after complaining about others not doing any fact finding undermines his credibility.
  • He has some good ideas on the content rating and importance of user feedback or using strong quality guidelines off the start is important.
  • I know many other friends who run the exact same business model, but do it profitably, successfuly, and in Google's good graces because how the content is formatted. Wrap it in a blog and post a few articles a day to each channel.
  • While he was talking about how his keyword placement software could increase the ability of content to rank, I think it is in error to look at it purely from an algorithmic front. The social structure of content matters.
  • It is far easier to build links into topical channels (such as blogs) than article banks.
  • He talks about creating a bunch of freeware and offering free support. Doing good on one front does not offset the actions on others with the mob justice on the web.
  • I think it is pretty shitty of Google to have banned all of his sites. I mean who does this help? Where is the relevancy?
  • And yet Google funds much of the garbage they purportedly hate. Google not only acts reactively, but blatently overly reactive when certain issues become public. I suppose they were trying to send a message to Chad Jones, but it was not one honestly focused on search relevancy. I wish I would have seen this article sooner.
  • The fact that few people have mentioned the Hot Nacho article shows how biased blogs are at grabbing the front end of the story and then prowling for the next story before adding any depth or further research. Sorta reminds me of the Nirvana song Plateau, although I admit I am just as guilty at it as the next blogger.
Published: November 12, 2005 by Aaron Wall in google


A Reader
November 13, 2005 - 1:13am

On the subject of spam and 'what went wrong' (Hot Nacho)

Machine generated spam is everywhere and Google doesn't seem to have a clue how to get rid of it.

Hot Nacho contends that 'real content simply has a hard time competing with auto-generated spam.'

Agreed. And small websites suffer particularly if they're low page-rank and the tide of spam is their own hijacked content or SERP listings.

I notice that you're now using ' SEO Book is a blog about search engines which offers search engine optimization tips, an SEO ebook for sale, and covers search engine news. Got search engine questions?'

Seems to me that waiting for Google to solve its spam problem is a non-starter and it's better to slip back a year or two and use basic 'Search Engine Copywriting,' which I thought by now would have been all but dead. At least, in the old fashioned heavy-handed sense.

This isn't a dig at you so much as a reflection that if someone with experience who's got a high-profile blog needs to resort to these tactics then Google (if this is intended for Google) is widely seen as struggling to cope.

November 14, 2005 - 6:09pm

>I notice that you're now using ' SEO Book is a blog about search engines which offers search engine optimization tips, an SEO ebook for sale, and covers search engine news. Got search engine questions?'

It is not necessarily needed per say, but that has two functions...
1.) to ask for people to ask me a question if they have a quick question
2.) to appear I want it to look like I am trying to optimize it visually...I have known other companies that bolded or emphasized words to make the page look optimized to make SEO seem harder or more advanced than it is (and to make them look like a star)...if that makes any sense

A Reader
November 22, 2005 - 2:37pm

Cool - marketing rather than SEO.

Tapping into people's perception of how SEO should be done (which I suppose is realistically a year or two behind bleeding edge practice)

Google Web Bully
July 17, 2007 - 12:38am

How to file a law suit again google? cause recently i encounter some problem with google.
Story like below :

I use to own Google adsense account since year 2006 (keep good fate on it), late 2006 my account reach USD 100 but i din't withdraw it cause i understand is not worth to withdraw USD 100 for foreigner like me (bank charges, currency exchange) .....

This year (2007) April i add another web site in my account and it do generate good profit (i happy with it), then at late Jun i bought over a website (7 year history with good traffic/pageview) then i add adsense in ....

But today 17/07/2007 my account get disable and all my money gone .......

So below is my question :
1. How come google take away all my money ? (from 2006 till now).

2. If there is afraud click or illegal activity, you surppose to ban the URL not my account. why ban (extra profit for google adsense) ?

3.Google adsense how do you return all the money to the publisher since early year 2006 (i know cause i use adword) ?

4. If i have illegal activity, taking out google adsense is the only solution, then why not taking out google search Bar ? (Goolge are not paying me, why should i advertis for google ? ).

I need a clear answer from Google ....

I found google Policy is not fair for user with low page view and do believe that is million user like me facing this problem .....

Thanks god internet exit and i can search for more help.

wish to hear your reply soon.

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