Keyword Discovery Offers Search Competitive Analysis

Recently HitWise jumped into the keyword research market by offering their Keyword Intelligence tool starting at $89 a month. Trellian's Keyword Discovery just joined the competitive analysis market.

It is cool to see another competitive analysis tool available for those of us who can't afford to splash out the $20,000 or so for HitWise. Trellian's new tool costs $65 per month per URL.

A few things I do not like with Trellian's package are:

  • limited data reach (most of these types of tools do not have much data when you compare them to the likes of Google or Yahoo!, but none of the big portals have decided to sell this type of data yet, probably for fear of a privacy backlash & bad press).

  • they don't have a package deal. you have to keep ordering one domain at a time, which could probably lead to confusing credit card bills and the like.
  • When they tell you the number of domains that they have tracked traffic from they don't group the subdomains with the main domains, so that can throw the numbers off.

Before you subscribe they tell you how many keywords and websites they have listed for that domain. They state that they have stats for the top 100,000 domains.

I bought one domain, and did not see any gems from it, but I suppose if you find one or two good spots to market from it then it would be a good buy and $65 is not much risk.

I will post some stuff on the conference soon. Off to the Google Dance.

Published: August 10, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tools


July 13, 2007 - 5:49am

I have used KeywordDiscovery too and I found it useful to my Blogging, to target the right keywords that most people are trying to search on the search engines. But I do have a huge number of competitors that are also has a huge number of traffics.

And a beginner or a newbie just like me who just started a blog or a site is a no match with those sites who already established good traffics for a while. So, I read a lot of articles and researched a good tools that can track down easily what are my competitors are doing on their keyword strategy and I bump with this newly launched keyword tool, the Using this tool gave me an opportunity to immediately track down my competitors and gather keywords for the promotional campaign of my blog, though I am only using their free trial version.

So far, I like the tools but I am no expert on SEO tools so I guess an advice from an expert in SEO like you is a good idea. Was this tool an excellent tool for a beginner like me or should I stick on using those who are already in the industry for many years now?

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