Verizon Online DSL is Garbage, Google AdWords Customer Support Good?

A friend had a Google AdWords ad group waiting for review which was waiting for about a month. There was a glitch in the system to where the group did not get reviewed.

I called the Google customer support phone number (1 866 2 GOOGLE) and the Google employee told me ads should be showing by tomorrow, and they were on syndicated content sites in under 5 minutes.

I can't imagine how tedious it is reviewing all those ads, but they sure are quick on it when they throw your site at the top of the stack :)

Compare that with Verizon DSL customer service:

  • Verizon charges me for a full DSL service even though they are down like 20% of the time.

  • Verizon has sent people out to my house multiple times and still has crap service.
  • Verizon has typically had over a half hour wait on the support phone line.
  • Verizon has no option to call you back.
  • Verizon randomly hangs up on you while you have been on the phone waiting for like 30 minutes.
  • The only phone number with quick and useful customer service is the signup for a new account number. Out of sheer frustration when they waste my time this is the only number I call because I want to help cause attrition at their company and make their workers less efficient. Screw them.
  • Two days ago I got told that I needed to talk to their consumer advocacy department and to call before 8 pm.
  • Yesterday I called Verizon at about 5 pm. They transfered me through to consumer advocacy department, without giving me any sort of a wait time suggestion, even though I asked for one. I waited for about a half hour or so and then it randomly hung up on me.
  • I called back a bit later and they told me to call before 4 pm, stating they were from New York taking Pennsylvania overflow, and that only sales reps are availiabe in the evening.

Yesterday driving around town I found the Verizon office. Next time their service sucks I am going directly to the local office.

Published: August 3, 2005 by Aaron Wall in google


January 8, 2007 - 6:05am

Sounds like a bunch of whiners to me, your stories are all extremely unbelievable and don't think anyone thinks any of the BS is accurate, get a life people, you have to make up stories about how bad dsl service is? LOSERS!!!!!

August 4, 2005 - 2:05am

All that truoble and you are still with them?

I've been with Sprint for a year now. For the first 10 months I did not experience 1 minute of downtime, in fact, since they were my first DSL provider I never knew of the possibility. The last 2 months have been a whole different story with downtime similar to what you mentioned above.
Customer service is very curtious, but it doesn't help when I cannot use the net for a whole day...
I'll be out over the next month looking for a different provider as my contract is up.

Can anyone suggest a good, reliable provider?

August 4, 2005 - 2:23am

I agree Verizon has the worst service in the world. When I bought my house I wanted to transfer their DSL. They messed up the transaction three times (2 months with no internet), I finally cancelled and signed up with a local ISP.

Ironically I got called for a telecommunications survey and almost every answer I said anyone but Verizon, and when asked about Verizon they got a big fat '0' everytime.

December 6, 2006 - 10:36pm

Wow, I feel all your pain.

I've been dealing with a Verizon outage for 2 weeks now. Luckily, it's my parents connection not mine--I have Comcast Cable which has pretty darn good tech support and no outages in the last 6 years--2 weeks ago I was reformatting my parents computer and after the reformat I was unable to get an internet connection. So, I did all the "tech support" things, and nothing. I even plugged my own laptops in and nothing. So I call Verizon's customer support (which for tier 1 is in Mubai or Chenai India depending). They can't fix my problem and can only tell me that the line test shows I'm up and running. Which is patently wrong.

So after dozens of calls, including several to the call center in London Ontario, I still have no connection. Oddly, I did find one gentleman who did fess up that at 4:24pm on the day that I lost my connection (which was at about 4:24pm) they were doing work in the central switching office. Now this sent up Red Flags to me all over the place.

I have figured out what the problem is... my parents were one of Verizon's first DSL customer in that CO (back when they were still GTE). What I'm sure has happened is that Verizon replaced the switch in that CO to a new switch, one that does not work with my parents ancient DSL modem, and tech support doesn't know this and keeps trying to send my parents the same old messed up Fujitsu modem when in reality they need a new modem that matches with the new equipment in the CO. I'm sure this is only affecting maybe 3 o 4 people connected in that CO.

I've had Verizon roll trucks to the CO and each time they receive an automated phone call that the problem has been fixed and the ticket has been closed. Of course the problem has not been fixed. When I suggest to them that I'm fairly certain I know what's happened, they change the subject. I am absolutely inferiated that this probably has not been resolved. I've had their support folks yell at me, tell me it's my fault, I've been hung up on repeatedly when I ask questions they don't know the answer to. I have been nothing but nice to them because I know you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Today I called Comcast. My parents will be switching all their voice, long distance and internet to Comcast. Yes, Comcast is more expensive, but who cares.. it's worth it if you can't get any service on Verizon.

Oddly, the CO my parents are connected to is located right next door to the Microsoft Main Campus in Redmond WA. Too bad Microsoft isn't having problems too, then I bet the problem would be fixed.

Verizon also dicked me around when I moved from one Redmond address to another... then tried to charge me for a year's worth of DSL service I never received. I was never hooked up in my local CO. I refuse to pay that bill and now it's in collections. Let them sue me, I don't care.


Billy Thorton
April 24, 2007 - 12:50am

I guess Verizon is either gotten better - or here in Texas they've just got it together - besides the same old tech support BS you get anywhere (they're currently in Mexico BTW - ain't that a laugh?) their service has been rock solid (now new service hook ups might be a hit & miss horror story). I'll ALWAYS loath calling tech support for anything - and I use to train these people - what a corporate joke! BTW - I hate that voice activated call tree crap - like they want to anything to waste your time.
Praise Al Gore (LOL!) that we have the Internet and site forums now!
"Dolphin" is right - you learn more in he first few days on the phones than in any training period! (trying to keep customers from chewing your head off because of the ccompany's BS tends to do that) I suspect that might be slipping off with most knowledgeable techs quitting that corporate BS & Mickey Mouse pay sh*t for something better - that's what I did. I wonder what those Verizon support reps in Mexico are getting paid? Must be enough to keep from sneaking illegally into America to cut lawns.

Kevin with No V...
August 6, 2007 - 8:19pm

I'm glad I found this because with this Verizon service I'm ready to explode!!! I found the people very nice though but the service sucks.

It has been 4 months now and I am still trying to get some kind of service. Oh they want their cash every month, but they cannot even show up when you make an appointment.

I have had no internet service for almost all of the time we have been with them, and still I pay my bill ontime... yea I'm an ass... but they promised...

1) they have been here multiple time to repair a problem with the connection and speed. They charge me for high speed but when I test my speed I am at 100kbs per - 300kbs.

I cannot not even open mail!

2) They came to my home to repair the problem. The tech said he replaced the line.. I said great It worked for 20 minutes... I called and after a 1/2 hour found someone to talk to... they came back on Saturday and the tech said I have a bad line... well the guy yesterday said that and replaced it... no he didn't said the tech...

I found them to be dishonest and liars... I have asked them for all my money back and am looking with an attourney to sue them.

3) I called to speak to a supervisor today to get everything in order and I was dumbfounded when a company of their size has none available on Monday?

4) I have taken 3 of my 7 yearly vacation days to wait for these repairman. Today one was to be here at 8am... it is now 2:17 and they are not coming. Oh they'll call me back tommorow when I am at work at their convience. NOT

5) They will never get a dime from me ever again. I'm getting rid of the phones, the cells, and anything else with their names on it. I would travel to their coporate office on my vacation but, I haven't got one now! Thanks alot Scumrizon.

I'm out

August 11, 2005 - 5:24pm

I believe my last words to the customer service rep that I was YELLING at (after having been calm for a half hour and I couldn't hold it in any longer) was "If Verizon DSL were the only internet connection on planet earth, I'd rather go to the library and read a book, than sign up with them again."

They were absolutely infuriating. It was an incredible experience and I don't mean "good" incredible.

Bastards. I hate them with every ounce of hatred I can muster and I hope the entire company goes belly up.


May 25, 2007 - 7:20am

To "Your helper"

are u upset becoz Teletech London fired you becoz not meeting the center goals? looooser. Trader. go cry out loud.

Your helper
November 11, 2006 - 11:35am

I used to work at a call centre that worked for verizon and we took verizon DSL problems. The call centre is located in London Ontario Canada. I'm sure you verizon customers dont know that but your not really talking to a real verizon technitian over the phone but some dumb guy thats actually hired by Teletech an outsource that verizon sends all its calls to. Oh and lets not mention that this call centre is also devided into two because in one side you have verizon and the other Charter its competitor so mostlikely one day you will get an agent that just got transfered from charter. I bet you guys loved that one, knowing your talking to someone who also helps the competition. One thing i can say is that if i lived in the states and i found this out i would be getting together with all my buds and going to your local verizon headoffice and trying to get some answers because from what i know the people that work at that place dont keep your information secure. People write down your account numbers, phone numbers when you call and to top it off they are not fully trainned on how to fix your problems and thats why i left that place i'm not one to be around people who dont care about their job. Now remember if you call for technical support right away ask for level 3 but dont ask for SUPERVISORS because they dont know anything and on top of that when you ask for one your just getting another agent that was just put on that possition in less then a week. The real supervisors dont know anything because they spend most of their days sending each other emails or browsing the internet. Remember if you want to complaint to verizon remember its the London Ontario Canada Teletech call centre.

Good luck

June 24, 2006 - 9:09pm

Does any one out there know if there is a class action against verizon online dsl ? If so please tell me so. I desparately wnat to join one. Thanks.

August 19, 2005 - 12:49am

I beleive a class action lawsuit is long overdue for Verizon. They never adjust my bill for outages, they tell me to contact the billing dept, Like I have another hour to waste with their incompetent associates. Servic eis absolutely terrible

June 9, 2007 - 5:03am

VERIZON STRAIGHT UP BLOWS, no need for details they were clearly given

December 18, 2006 - 8:05pm

Ha! Gotta laugh at all this DSL misery and throw my sad tale on the pile:

Had Verizon DSL in the past in Brooklyn. Left it for financial reasons, didn't need DSL, etc. Worked fine while I had it, never major problems.

Flash forward two years and one PowerBook for Xmas. Girlfriend and I decide to stop pirating our neighbors' wireless and go legit. Pick Verizon - best price, simplest package. Set up date's fine, we get the modem in the mail. Great.

Seems there are two levels of Verizon, and in trying to install DSL this time I have plunged from the relatively benign outer level of my earlier experience into the second level - a dark abyss apparently centered in New London, Ontario (according to earlier post on this thread).

Not wanting to reduplicate my numbing experience in this post, I'll just hit the high points:

- First CD included in my installation kit doesn't work on my mac (though running the OS X version specified on the disc). Tech support tells me "uh...that disk says it works for macs, but it doesn't really." Hmmm. Guess the developers didn't get around to that significant class of customer.
- Since they can't seem to confirm a signal to my line, I get the technician ticket.
- Time spent on the phone so far: about 1 hr 15 mins
- Now it's on a whole new level with the technicians.
- I'm now 3 appointments later, and they can't make it happen. Most recently, the guy just didn't show up.
- Each time, it's a 30 to 40 minute call, and it feels like I'm starting from scratch each time.
-I'm giving them one last opportunity, and then I'm cancelling.

I guess my biggest problem is with this technician coming to your house thing. Am I the only person in the world who thinks it's ludicrous to put aside a day to wait for someone to come by "between 8 am and 7pm"? I'm a professional working in the NY Metro area - so's my girlfriend. It's December - our remaining days off are taken, and I'm not changing travel plans, etc. But even if I had a day off, why would I want to waste it so Verizon could come if they feel like it.

The worst part is that everyone at the other end of the 800 number has been extremely courteous and even helpful in their way. Yet all the tickets they have filled and connections among departments they have made only point to a system designed by a fool, which gives intelligent people moronic options to choose from, and ties their hands in helping you.

I simply do not want to reward such bad behavior - they seem to think I want to give them my money and my time more than I do - especially the 8 am - 7pm "window" they propose for home visits. If this week is a bust, it's off to the cable companies for me.

August 16, 2006 - 8:18am

bunch of whiners..when are people going to realize that nobody cares if you cancel your service or not.(especially the people who work there) There will be 100 other people about to sign up. theres a million different ways to get on the internet. I suggest you find one of them.

August 16, 2006 - 8:18am

bunch of whiners..when are people going to realize that nobody cares if you cancel your service or not.(especially the people who work there) There will be 100 other people about to sign up. theres a million different ways to get on the internet. I suggest you find one of them.

September 20, 2006 - 5:41pm

Geez. This doesn't look good for me based on the above comments. I finally opted for DSL last week and was told my service would be ready by Monday, 9/18. I received an e-mail from Verizon saying my service was ready early on Thursday 9/14 and billing would start.

So on Thursday 9/14 I inserted the disc and proceeded to install my DSL. I get to step #2, the modem part, and there is a "problem" and I am instructed to call Customer Support. Customer informs me that my DSL isn't ready until 9/18, but I point out the e-mail I received telling me it was ready and that billing would begin. The Customer Service Rep was about to create a trouble ticket, but couldn't because all his systems said my service would be ready until 9/18. He says I would have to wait until 9/18.

On Friday, 9/15 I get an automated voice mail message from Verizon at 9:05 a.m. telling me my DSL is "ready." I repeat the installation process and get to the screen that says "call Customer Support." Once again I get the same song, the Customer Support's system says my service would be ready until 9/18 and instructs to try again on the afternoon on 9/18 and gives me another phone number, the billing department, to call to tell them my service isn't ready.

On the evening of Monday, 9/18, I try again and get to the same screen and for the third time call Customer Support and again go through the same problems and this time the Support person issues a trouble ticket and gives me the trouble ticket number. He tells me a technican may come before 5 p.m. on 9/19, but only if "he calls first." If he doesn't call, then he would be coming. He doesn't call and he doesn't come.

At about 6 p.m. I try to install my DSL once again, again and the same problem as the first three times: I'm instructed to call Customer Service. I give the Customer Service Rep the trouble ticket number, but I am right where I was last Thursday when I first called. I get put on hold twice when she tries to contact an engineer, but still no luck in terms of getting their equipment to sync up with my modem. She tells me she has escalated my problem and it will be expedited.

Meanwhile, I now notice that I no longer have dial tone when I plug my phone into the splitter. Things are taking a turn for the worse.

I wake up on Wednesday, still no dial tone, let alone DSL. I unplug the splitter and plug my phone in and do get dial tone. So far, no one from Verizon has called. I have no idea what they are doing, if anything, other than the fact that I am getting billed for a service I have not received.

A nightmare! I have wasted so much time on this and I don't have high hopes that this will be resolved and I'm ready to punt. I'll cancel my order and try to hook up with Time Warner and get a cable modem.

December 2, 2006 - 1:15am

we have been having alot of problems getting ours hooked up. after buying a new computerwe tried to hook dsl onto it.we cant get it to hook up. we called online support and got someone ,I could not understand what he was saying,he also got agrivated at me cause i didnt understand him.Still Having problems.ive tried everything.need help!!!!

August 25, 2005 - 2:44am

I also have had one hell of a time with Verizon. Multiple times it won't connect, a friend suggested that it was my net card, he gave me a new one, that didn't fix it, I went out and bought a new one, that didn't fix it( oh and keep in mind that the Verizon A-hole also told me it was my card. I re-installed windows, loosing everything, cause Verizon told me that was the problem, then after 2 weeks of 3 hours on the phone per day, dealing with at least 12 different retards, each of which did the same bullshit tests on the line talked me thru the same crap over and over and over again, finally they hooked me to Abduul who wasn't happy to hear from me, well, good ol' Abduul got me connected and now nothing else on my PC works properly! Verizon can kisss my ASS!

Don Solomon
August 3, 2006 - 10:50pm

One year after your original post -- and they're still at it. I ordered Verizon DSL service at both my home and office locations last year and both times had incredible difficulty installing it. The installation CD goes into great detail about how to plug an RJ-45 plug into a jack, but omits the unpleasant stuff like what settings to use and how to get it to work with a wireless router.

Flash forward a year -- I moved and asked them to switch my service to a new location. Worked fine right from the start -- for two weeks. Then they yanked it for no reason that they were willing to tell me. When the new service ready date came -- nothing. They sent me a brand new modem -- nothing. Hours waiting on hold listening to the inane instructions about unplugging things (and being lied to -- every support person had a different story and "I can't imagine why [the last support person] would have told you that"). They offered me a temporary dialup, which I could never get to work.

Finally Verizon sends a service guy -- a union electrician -- to my house (leave work 4 hours early to wait for him) and he's really nice and after 5 minutes testing the line tells me it's fine. He then calls Verizon to work on the problem further -- and get this, he has to call the same 800 number I do and wait exactly as long! The DSL operation is a 3rd party shop with the Verizon nameplate, but as far as they are concerned the real Verizon -- the telco -- is just another jerk customer. He is at my house another 2 hours and cannot get a lead on the problem. However, he gets them to create a new userid for me -- and that one doesn't work either.

Days go by. I get some nice guy who offers to call me back every day until the problem is fixed -- he actually does that once. The next person tells me to call back -- I ask "can't you call ME back using the callback number you always ask for at the beginning of the call?" "No -- we don't have access to an outside line." "But you're the PHONE COMPANY!"

Not to mention that when you tell them you use a Mac, even though it's a modem issue, they say they know nothing about Macs and have to send you to the Mac desk, which always has a half hour wait. The Mac desk tells you to open up Safari, while the PC desk tells you to open up IE. If you tell them you use Netscape or Firefox they get flustered. One rep told me he couldn't guarantee my being able to configure the modem if I didn't use the browser they wanted me to. When I told him I could send the browser to and get a perfectly usable config screen he seemed shocked. I start telling them I'm using WinXP.

I call again and service rep no. 9 tells me that the new userid -- the one created to diagnose the DSL line -- is not tied to my DSL account at all but to that damn dialup account. Great. More days go by, and I finally call during the day to cancel the dialup account. Having done that, Billing transfers me to tech support (got through right away -- how did they do that?). Since I'm at work, I can bring up my Verizon DSL account and look at the trouble tickets. Service rep No. 11 or so tells me there is an open trouble ticket for my problem. I tell him I can't see it on my screen. He says, oh, this ticket pertains to the userid you just cancelled -- remember, that's the DIALUP account. No wonder they can't fix it -- it's not even in the system as a DSL ticket. He promises to set up a new ticket -- but 2 hours later, it's not there.

I promise my next call to VZ will be to cancel my service.

May 19, 2007 - 7:12pm

I'd like to note that I am a Verizon online agent in that london center. One of my better friends is a Supervisor. I'd like to say we have gotten better. Most of the Sups know more then level 3, and the majority of the agents on the floor know what they are doing. Also remember that we are restricted up the wazoo on what we can and cannot say, so if you feel you are running into a glass barrier, think upon what they are saying and ask for a supervisor.

July 22, 2006 - 2:56am

My internet has been out for a month now and having to call everyday does absolutely nothing. This is the WORST customer service i have ever experienced.

July 22, 2006 - 3:01am

My internet has been acting up for a month now and having to call everyday does absolutely nothing. majority of the time it works but every 15 minutes it cuts out for about 5 minutes. After sitting on hold for a half hour my internet starts working again and im told to call back when it goes out again becouse they claim to not be able to help me unless its not working at the time im on the phone with them and to call them back. This is the WORST customer service i have ever experienced.

September 11, 2006 - 10:27pm

Today, I woke up, after having Verizon for only 3 DAYS.

I got online, everything was going great, I was in the middle of updating my website, and downloading some much need files for my college courses. MY INTERNET CUT OUT.

I called Verizon, and the indians seemed like they were ignoring me.
After forever. I reset my modem (Didn't know this modem had a reset options button) And signed back on.


I get an IP now, and I try surfing the net. Oh what's this? My one PC gets NOTHING,
and the laptop?

I have to "" AGAIN. Oh, but I can't give them my password and Account, because they say there is no record of such - I'm sorry for checking at least 4 times.

Then the Activation wizard randomly Freezes on me, and I close it and have to restart.

I'm in class now, and still don't have internet, AFTER FOUR F.....ING HOURS OF TROUBLESHOOTING WITH SO MANY FACTORS ELIMINATED.

My first call to tech support, she told me that my computer had a bad NIC.... Uhh... How do 3 seperate computers suddenly get bad nics for no reason?

there was no storm, nothing.
As i said, I reset the modem and it works now,

But I can't reactivate my Service.

Screw Verizon.

January 20, 2006 - 1:02am

Verizon Suuuucks!!

Here's my hell: I ordered DSL through Verizon when I was in Hawaii.

Then I moved to Washington. I cancelled my DSL and sent back the modem.

Still I find my account been charged $85. After three 45 minute calls and being handed off to various departments, my credit card is finally credited. End of story...NOPE.

Two months later, I get a bill for $85. I place another 45 minute call and am told to disregard the bill, my account has been credited. Indeed, my account shows a credit. End of story...NOPE.

A month later, I get another bill for $85 plus #u@king late fees...can you believe it...late fees!! So I place a 1 hr call to Verizon. I have to say, dude was helpful, but really, do I need to go through this!! He talks to no less than three departments, one in Hawaii, and a supervisor. He tells me the problem has been resolved. End of story...MAYBE…stay tuned…

Lesson of the story: A Kafkaesque bureaucracy is more efficient than Verizon and others of the cumbersome telecom ilk; go with cable.

July 16, 2007 - 3:19am

These Verizon complaints make me feel better that I'm not the only one. They need to be sued. Every day I get closer to setting up a blog for the purpose of organizing a class action law suit.

In my area there is no other carrier but Verizon, unless you use DirecWay, which is worse than Verizon. The fact that they are a virtual monopoly is at the heart of the problem. If there were lots of choices I would just move on and forget it.

My service worked fine for 3 and 1/2 years until now. The tech support for DSL is bad almost to the point of fraudulent misrepresentation. I work as a software engineer and have been doing LAN networking, at work and at home, for about ten years. When my Verizon DSL service started I had to configure everything on my own--I use linux and there are no setup CD's for linux. I was told by the tech support person (Jan 2004) that "you can't use linux". I had to politely disagree with her, and after wasting some time explaining to her how networks work I tricked her into giving me a few simple pieces of information that I needed, like the IP address of the DSL setup screen.

Configuring your PC for DSL is simple--you don't need their CD and you can use any operating system. You just set the IP configuration of the computer. You set, (1) whether its DHCP or a static IP address, and if its a static IP you set (2) the IP address of your computer, (3) the IP address of the gateway, and (4) the netmask. The big question you need them to answer is what is the IP address of the gateway? For Verizon DSL the gateway address is your DSL router and is probably REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU WERE GIVEN A FIXED IP ADDRESS ON YOUR ACCOUNT. When you go to your setup screen for the DSL router there are 2 "sides" of your router: the side that is connected to the phone line and talks to Verizon is the WAN side. The side that connects to your PC is the LAN side. Each "side" has its own IP address (that's why it's a gateway). If you don't have a fixed IP address on your account, like all residential consumer accounts, then your DSL router requests an IP address (using DHCP) from the Verizon Central Office (CO) each time you turn it on. That's the WAN side, and that's your IP address on the internet. On the LAN side, you can choose to have static IP address on all your PC's in the house (I know a few of you only have one!), or you can set each PC to use DHCP and it will request an IP address from the DSL router each time the PC turns on. These LAN IP addresses are always .

I had to learn the hard way that not all DSL, or cable internet, gateways are setup like Verizon. For example, Cox Cable gives you a modem and no router. So the "gateway" is actually their central office, and you have to set up your PC for DHCP, unless you go buy a gateway/router on your own.

About a year ago I upgraded my Verizon DSL to a low-end business account so I could have my own IP address and run my own web server. I was shocked and delighted when the tech support I got with this turned out to be sharp, experienced networking people. I think the quality of support goes up with the price of the account. But the support for my account has been downgraded.

If I don't have an internet connection I have a good idea why: it's either a bad modem, or Verizon has a problem on their grid. When I call Verizon to report that their internet signal has failed in my area I would like the benefit of an intelligent answer from the other end of the phone. It is clear that the tech support staff is comprised of unskilled, non-professionals who have been given a list to go down when a customer calls. I don't want to hurt their feelings, and I know that they're trying to do a good job, circumstances being what they are. However, my recent experiences with them suggest that they are not listening to me. After I give them a long explanation of what has happened with my internet service there are a few moments of silence before they start repeating the canned answer. Since they don't understand networking, I can't appeal to their common sense to look at my circumstances. They refuse to pass my call to someone with more knowledge. It amounts to no support at all.

If these tech support people have been forbidden by their supervisors from passing the call on to an expert, if they have been given deliberate instructions to misdirect questions about the Verizon grid, then I am being cheated by an act of corporate policy. How many ways are there to break this down into a cheat? Suppose Verizon wants to maximize profits by not hiring qualified professionals but, rather, hiring low-paid, unskilled staff? Suppose Verizon wants to maximize profits by laying people off and using a disfunctional automated answering system to direct calls? Suppose Verizon wants to maximize profits by over-selling their bandwidth in a particular area (too many accounts on the same wires)? If you don't have service then you're being cheated. If that is the result of corporate decisions, then you are the victim of fraud.

May 6, 2006 - 6:18am

Corporate Glutton Butt Holes taking our money and hiding ! -Major monopolies are bilking public dollars-So what's new ? -- Personal neglect. The gap is widening-leaving many frustrated customers- very angry and eventually giving up because of the painstaking effort and time lost persuing resolve-which we all have Less of. I feel that America is sinking faster than ever .

January 29, 2007 - 2:38am

I work at the previously mentioned London call center. I have for 3 1/2 years. I admit that there are a lot of people working there who are either clueless or like to make troubel for customers, but there are also a lot of us who will do anything we can to help customers. We have a few limitations though.

First of all, our support boundaries are very limited, and we can get into serious trouble for going outside of them.
Second, we have a time limit. If we do not resolve a call within that time limit, we are harrassed until we end the call or transfer it somewhere else. Level 3 is not a good department to request, as most of the time there is at least a half hour wait to get there, and many people have the same or less knowledge as the person you may be talking to.
Third, the training we receive is a joke. Reps learn more in 3 days on the phones than 3 weeks in a classroom. No wonder the newbies havnen't got a clue what they're doing.
Fourth, most of us have had to put up with customers who will not follow directions that will fix the problem, constantly insult us, who are racist, sexist, bigots or just ignorant, and still try to be pleasant and friendly when we are even more frustrated than the customers, and many are on the verge of an emotional or mental breakdown because of the job.

Do I think Verizon is a great company? To me they are the same as every other corporation. Is it the fault of the technicians for all the trouble you are receiving? Probably not, because lack of training or resources leaves our hands tied much of the time.

Am I looking for a different job? Of course I am, I just haven't found one in technical support that pays enough for me to live off of, so I can save enough money to go back to school so I can become a teacher, and have normal hours and vacation time again.

April 13, 2007 - 11:05pm

So, having had a similar experience with Verizon ....what do you do? We're stuck with Verizon since anyone else selling DSL in NJ is just reselling Verizon and AT&T doesn't have service in my area. Cable is not an option. Does anyone have any suggestions on who to use??? I'm sick of giving Verizon money....

November 15, 2008 - 1:57am

I have been dealing with the incompetence that is Verizon DSL for almost a year. If you don't think a class action lawsuit is in order, then you obviously don't have Verizon. Thankfully, I am completely out from underneath Verizon for all my needs, no cellphone (Yeah I got in that class action out of spite), no internet and no residential line (Vonage is definitely the way to go). After being told time and time again I wouldn't lose my DSL when they disconnected my phone line, yeah I lost my DLS in a matter of a couple of hours, but it took them a month to get it turned back on and they still charged me. Then after I specifically told them I wanted to be billed on a month to month basis, they changed that on their end to a year subscription, so when I canceled the service, I got charge with a disconnection fee. I have spoken with over 30 different people and of course one person doesn't know the hell the others have done, because there is no communication between departments let alone within the departments. I hope the powers that be at Verizon rot in hell for the lack of customer service that they give to their customers.

August 6, 2017 - 8:02pm

It's like having dial up all over again. Don't buy Verizon.

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