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So a while ago I bugged NFFC for an interview. He kept saying no, but then I gave him $50,000, naming rights to my first kid, and another copy of SEO Book [he said it was so good he wanted another] and he said yes. Amazing how that works.

Lucky for you, you get the interview free...and IMHO it's killer good.

I would quote a section, but it would not do NFFC justice. Interview of NFFC, Sexy SEO God

Published: July 16, 2005 by Aaron Wall in interviews


July 18, 2005 - 12:27am

Great Great Interview.

NFFC is the godfather for me.

I know that if all else failed in life, I'd go and ask for a job as his car wash boy and learn so much from just listening to his 1 liners.

Still surprised you got him to type so much ...


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