Flash Design 101 (SEO & Flash)

(or how not to be an schmuck just because you are using flash)

  • Most sites have at least one goal in mind. It is nice if the phone number looks great, but far better if the merchant site ACTUALLY SELLS SOMETHING OR GETS PEOPLE TO CALL.
  • Placing all text in images generally is bad usability and SEO.

  • Just because a feature is available does not mean it needs to be used.
  • Don't disable the browser back button without contacting the merchant and marketer unless you want shot with a shotgun full of rock salt.
  • Have enough decency and self respect to create a descriptive page title for each page. Running all the words together is no good. If you a making a site for Bob Ross you may even be able to work Happy Little Trees into one of the page titles, but creating a title like BobRossFlash with all words ran together is just no good. In that case the trees are not happy.
  • If you test to see if a visitor has flash and they do not maybe, just maybe a one image error page with an image full of text telling them they are all screwed up is a bad call?
  • If your site design is good and the content is of merit some people may want to bookmark the site or pages from the site. Why not embed the flash into html so that the site has multiple pages with unique page titles and textual content?
  • MacroMedia has an SDK which makes flash easier for search engines to spider, but flash still lacks content. add some content in <NOEMBED> tags if you can't add text to the page
  • If by default you generally screw up all the above (and more) and then want to sell a client SEO services for many many thousands of additional dollars you are dishonest and a thief.

Surely there are more, but I just woke up...

What is your least favorite whamodyne flash design errors?

Published: April 20, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


May 9, 2006 - 11:38am

The Flash Splash :-)

Please wait half an hour whilst we load this awful useless page

Followed by:

I'm sorry, we got so carried away by our iconography that we forgot to make it useful. If you want to go to the next page it's that minute little square in the bottom corner with no text which WE know will carry you on through our site

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