Interview of Shawn Walters of Uncover the Net

Abut a week ago I interviewed my buddy Shawn Walters, asking him why he jumped on the web, and all about his new somewhat new and fast growing Uncover the Net directory, including questions about finding editors, regrets, surprises, and compairing Overture to AdSense. Here is an example question:

When you first launched you had AdSense ads on UTN. Later you switched to Overture feeds. What do you like and dislike about each program?

Overall, I would have to say I like Overture more, if nothing else simply because of the ability to integrate the ads into the directory in a seamless fashion.

I don’t like the fact that Adsense is so strict on its rules, and how it’s a predetermined size in a JavaScript code. Google is a great company, but everyone I talked to at Adsense is so scared of saying what it is on their mind (and actually helping me) almost seemed like they asked an attorney before they reply to each and every email. Heck, for all I know maybe they do, but that makes for horrible customer service.

With Overture, I have my own rep that helps me with reports, integration and is a real person who treats me like a person not client # 1234567879.

Read more of the interview.

Published: April 17, 2005 by Aaron Wall in directories


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