Wal Mart Facts, Brand & Link Building

Wal Mart has no brand strategy. Instead of coming up with one they do small random acts of good and then spend 10 times as much to market how wonderful they are.

They then further their lack of brand by creating http://www.walmartfacts.com/ as a site people can visit to learn the truth about Wal Mart. The problems with that are:

  1. it does not give Wal Mart any legitimate brand strategy

  2. Wal Mart is still hated by many people
  3. the web is a bad place to try to spread pro mega corp propaganda, as...
  4. Wal-Mart-Facts.com is still avialable if anyone wants to register it. Surely it could be a fun project that would garner a number of links. You probably could even make a one page list of anti Wal Mart sites, contact them, and ask them to link to you and quickly outrank the official site.

Hate can be a cheap source of link popularity. Market leaders make the rules, but there is no reason to follow them.

Pfizer is another company which has been doing the right thing :(

Published: April 17, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


Retired Wal-Mar...
November 16, 2005 - 4:54pm

I was with Wal-Mart for over 25 years and it is not the company that I started with back in 1978. I am very proud of my past with Wal-Mart but today almost lower my head when I see where they have come to today. I think one of the last straws for me was when Wal-Mart got in trouble for too many white males in the ranks of management and behind close doors told us that we would not be hiring hardly any white males to go into management or be promoting very many white males up the ladder becuase of this. I could not help but think is this not discrimnation in reverse? You would think it would be on the persons qualifications not the color of ones skin or gender. The other major thing that drove me to retire was the double talk on cutting the payroll due to making profits but telling us to have enough help to meet customer needs. That was for sure telling you two completely different directions. I think this was said to us so we got the blame in the field no matter what. If sales were heavy and we did not have enough help than it was our fault, but if sales were slow and the payroll was too high than the powers to be would say I told them to make sure to cut. You could not win and it became and still is a blame game in the ranks of the managment.
The ones to suffer from all this is the customer and the hourly worker who has to try and help more customers than they can do correctly. In turn they make errors and they are now the ones in trouble.

Well I have vented,
An Ex-Wal-Mart manager.

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