My Powerpoint Presentations from Pubcon

A number of readers emailed me asking to send them my WebmasterWorld Pubcon Powerpoint slides. Downloads:

Here they are online as well:

I am a big fan of the low fi powerpoint look. :)

Published: December 29, 2007 by Aaron Wall in conferences


December 29, 2007 - 7:40am

Thanks for the great info. is a new one to me and looks like a great opportunity as a guide writer. Jeff

December 29, 2007 - 12:05pm

Thanks for sharing the excellent tips, Aaron. And thanks even more for your minimalist design. I barely escaped with my life after years of work that required "Death by PowerPoint" briefings almost daily. The way to do it is the way you did, short, crisp and to the point.

Perhaps you are a fan ... as I am .. of Guy Kawasaki and his
10 20 30 rule for presentations.

December 29, 2007 - 3:11pm

Hi Dave
I think Guy is good at Powerpoint, but I am not too big of a fan of him beyond that.

We had him speak at Elite Retreat. He mentioned how he couldn't make any money from his blog. I told him to sell an ebook or information product. He said nobody buys ebooks. I told him I made over $1,000 a day selling an ebook. Then he dismissed that as a fluke.

How can a thought leader and book author be so dismissive to selling information? Whatever respect I had for him disappeared that day.

December 29, 2007 - 4:39pm

I asked about e-books on WMW the other day and what people thought of selling e-books to make money. I remember the first comment was something along the lines 'Why would anybody want to buy an e-book 99% of which suck anyways, if they can get the new Harry Potter with x sites for just y bucks?'.

As the thread continued somebody mentioned (not sure maybe it was the same person?) that the only one who was successful with that was a certain author of an e-book on SEO ;-).

That first comment made me think of your threads about how important packaging is (and marketing books I had read). Sell the same information as an e-book not an ordinary book and that particular person (and probably many more) will associate less value with it, b/c there are many wack e-books out there.

However, I remember myself ordering another e-book (not on SEO), too, which I did buy because it was unique and the copywriting was strong.

I think in most cases selling an e-book as opposed to an ordinary book might prove difficult, b/c many people associate it with little value, but if your information is a) really unique or b)updated (which turns the e-book format into an advantage instead of a disadvantage) :-) it can work out.

And if c) you have an exceptionally strong brand/ a well-known name, I bet it would be pretty likely to work out...I think if somebody with a brand and a following as strong as Guy Kawasaki wrote a book and published it only as an e-book he'd still have TONS of people buying it and the possibly lower number of sales would probably be more than off-set by a profit margin of close to 100%. Think about Seth Godin starting to publish his books only as e-books. People would continue to buy them b/c of his strong brand (though maybe less)

Actually, I think every book author should make his book available as an e-book and sell it for a bit cheaper to tap into the segment of people who are not opposed to buying an e-book/the greedy (or less wealthy) people would sell at a lower price, but their profit margin would still make each e-book sale a lot more profitable than the sale of a normal book and I bet some people would buy the (cheaper) e-book instead...and having the e-book out as an ordinary book would probbaly lend the e-book credibility, too.

Plus they could give the e-book to people who order the book as a they can start reading 5 seconds after purchasing the book even though they want to have the paper version on their shelves (might especially help with people ordering from overseas who'd have to wait long).

Do you know other people who are making good money by selling e-books? What helps them succeed? unique content? a strong brand?

December 29, 2007 - 4:41pm

Hi Patrick
Paul Sloan wrote an article about selling ebooks, and ClickBank shows marketplace feedback. Many people selling on ClickBank are making a killing.

December 29, 2007 - 5:21pm

Hi Aaron,

thanks for the links. Nice article. I think I'll have a look at some of her sites/e-books so I can get a little bit of inspiration ;).

EDIT: I can see how her anti-aging e-book is a great product to sell online, because it's something most people probably would be a bit ashamed to buy in an offline bookstore

April 11, 2008 - 1:52pm

Hmm. I think what Dave pointed out was the quality of your presentation. And how you can make it better. Learn to take criticism, rather than only criticize! That makes a human being better. I learn everyday. Do you?

Moreover, if Guy doesn't want to sell ebooks, thats probably a handicap he has. He couldn't articulate properly.

Clickbank ebooks - most of them suck big time. Try some of them one day! :)

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