BlueGlass LA

I spoke to Loren from Search Engine Journal today and he mentioned a conference he is helping put together in Los Angeles.

The conference is BlueGlass LA.

It's on July 19/20 in LA. The speaker line up is pretty awesome and takes a business / start up approach on top of the killer search & social media tactics he will be reviewing. Tickets are only $495, and he has put together a 15% discount for SEObook readers/members. It's seobook

SEJ is also running a contest to give away a free pass. Many years ago I got my start in going to SEO conferences at the 2003 Boston SES conference by Danny giving me a free pass for help packing the schwag bags. And on the last day of the conference it snowed and snowed & was a scary snowy drive home. Years later I got to pass the free pass favor onto Patrick (who now has a great view).

If you have any questions about the conference, you can comment below and Loren will catch them.

Published: June 8, 2010 by Aaron Wall in conferences


June 9, 2010 - 5:42pm

are there any volunteer opportunities for this conference? I am in the LA area and would love to help out.

June 9, 2010 - 8:02pm

Thanks for the FYI. Sadly, I can't top cross dressing and suck at the witty one liners, but good luck to me. ;-) hehe

June 14, 2010 - 10:52pm

Aaron Wall, the SEObook writers and contributors are top of the field. The website is an amazing contribution to the SEO/PPC community. So the endorsement from Aaron to attend the BlueGlass LA conference - is a good one!

SEO book has been a true forum of giving and sharing quality SEO Information to the online community with their forums, blogs, training and tools which are exceptional.

This post was very timely for me, upon reading a blog I have been following on “In an Age of Free Advice and Liberal Sharing, Is It OK to Ask for Some Thing in Return?” Most respondents made reference, that in order to ask for assistance from someone, one must have an already “established relationship” with the person they are asking the “favor” from and then return in kind.

One can read this blog at As the contributing blogger here “Asked” to pass it along if one (or I) supported the content of the blog.

As Aaron then made reference to “Danny” giving him a pass to SMX 2003 Boston – in exchange for some help, which certainly must have been just the right boost to get him there. Then when Aaron had the ability to give back, passing this Gift onto another person who needed it must have been another blessing.

So sharing knowledge, help or information – may not directly be reciprocated to the person who gave of their abilities. It is the gratitude felt by the recipient - who later gave of their time to help another. In my own belief system, this is the Art of true giving.

The pass give away is an example of another gift. Aaron addressed two things in this blog – first a wonderful endorsement to a great looking conference with a very impressive speaker line up. For which I would love to attend. Then secondly, he touched on his own personal experience of having the opportunity to help someone else abd to pass it along.

And yes, I know New England winters can be a bit hairy at times for driving, but I’m sure it was worth the trip!

Thank you Aaron and SEObook & Search Engine Journal!

January 31, 2015 - 7:43pm - to nowoczesny serwis międzynarodowy przeznaczony do rezerwacji artystów (link: Naszym celem jest zapewnić artystom więcej występów i maksymalnie pomoc zamawiającym. Czym się różnimy od innych? Tym, że tylko u nas wniosek trafia do artysty bezpośrednio! Więc, żadnych pośredników, tylko artysta i zamawiający. Po rejestracji na naszej stronie stwórz swój profil i z przyjemnością zaczniemy współpracę!

W naszym katalogu znajdują się setki artystów i serwisów imprezowych o różnych gatunkach i rodzajach.
Po prostu skontaktuj się z jednym lub kilku z nich i dostaniesz ofertę z ceną, wtedy wybierz ten, który ci odpowiada.

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