Longer Google AdWords Ad Copy

I was just checking out the ongoing strategic meltdown in the value of the Dollar & noticed an AdWords ad with an extended headline & a 150 character ad description.

Currently I believe the above extended description is a limited beta test, but if Google starts mixing that in with Google Advisor ads & ad sitelinks there might not be a single organic result above the fold on commercial keywords.

The above image is even uglier when Google Instant is extended.

Using the 150 word ad descriptions would drive everything down one more row per ad. Adding another line to each of the AdWords ads would push the "organic" search results down another listing.

Of course one response is to operate in the tail of search, but just look at DMD to see how well that worked for them.

They are so desperate that they sent legal threats at a site flaming them. Humorously, that site also runs AdSense ads.

And that desperation is *before* Google has finalized a legal agreement on the book front & started aggressively pushing those ebooks in their search results with full force. In 12 months ebooks will be the new Youtube...a service that magically keeps growing over 10% a month "organically" in Google's search results.

Your content isn't good enough to compete, unless you post it to Youtube.

In addition to uploading spammy videos in bulk to Youtube, maybe SEOs should create a collective to invest in "an oversized monitor" in every home and on every desk. :D

Alternatively, switching the default search provider on every computer you touch to Bing doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Published: July 28, 2011 by Aaron Wall in pay per click search engines


Kris Day
July 28, 2011 - 7:29pm

I think they are going to be the Wallmart of the Internet. They have no obligations to do anything except make money. It seems organic search is going out the door slowly and being replaced by Google products. Google search was the killer app, now it is more and more the diplay window to the Google Store.
I think the G team is suffering from an age-old affliction: hubris. It's killed many-a-business, so I've heard.

August 5, 2011 - 4:09pm

Oh boy. I wonder how much longer we've got before we're bidding on organic rank positioning. (kinda looks like we are already, imo) By the way, nice catch on the youtube stats - they're the big winner from the Panda update, hands down. I've got my two grade school kids posting their own videos at least twice a week in hopes that they can monetize by the time they get to middle school :)

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