Link Assistant's Rank Tracker - A Complete Review

Link Assistant's Rank Tracker Reviewed

Link Assistant offers SEO's a suite of tools, under an umbrella aptly named SEO Power Suite, which covers many aspects of an SEO campaign.

Link Assistant provides the following tools inside of their Power Suite:

  • Rank Tracker - rank tracking software
  • WebSite Auditor - on-page optimization tool
  • SEO Spy Glass - competitive link research tool
  • Link Assistant - their flagship link prospecting, management, and tracking tool

We'll be reviewing their popular Rank Tracking tool in this post. I've used their tools for awhile now and have no issue in recommending them. They also claim to have the following companies as clients:

  • Disney
  • Microsoft
  • Audi
  • HP

Rank Tracker is one of the more robust, fast, and reliable rank checking tools out there.

Update: Please note that in spite of us doing free non-affiliate reviews of their software, someone spammed the crap out of our blog promoting this company's tools, which is at best uninspiring.

Is Rank Tracker a Worthy Investment?

Rank Tracker offers a few different pricing options:

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

All of the editions have the following features:

  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Customizable reports (you can only save and print with Enterprise level however, kind of a drawback in my opinion. Pro accounts should have this functionality)
  • API key's
  • Human search emulation built in
  • User agent rotation
  • Proxy support
  • Proxy rotation
  • Google analytics integration
  • Multiple language support (English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Slovak)
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux

All editions offer access to their keyword research features, with all the features included, the only difference here is the free edition doesn't allow KEI updates.

Rank Tracker Feature Set

Rank Tracker offers a keyword research tool and a rank checking component within the application. A more thorough breakdown of the feature set is as follows:

Keyword Research

I prefer to do my keyword research outside of tools like this. Generally specific tools seem to excel at their chosen discipline, in this case rank checking, but fall kind of short in areas they try to add-on. I like to use a variety of tools when doing keyword research and it's easier for me, personally, to create and merge various spreadsheets and various data points rather than doing research inside of an application.

However, Rank Tracker does offer a one-stop shop for cumbersome research options like various search suggest methods and unique offerings like estimated traffic based on ranking #1 for that specified term.

Overall, a nice set of keyword research features if you want to add on to the research you've already done.

Rank Tracker also gives you the option to factor in data from Google Trends as well as through Google Analytics (see current ranking for each keyword and actual traffic).

Rank Checking

As this is the core piece tool it's really no surprise that this part of Rank Tracker shines. Some of the interesting options here are in the ability to track multiple Google search areas like images, videos, and places.

In addition to the interesting features I mentioned above, Rank Tracker also includes a wide array of charting and design options to help you work with your data more directly and in a clearer way:

Usability is Top Notch

While the interfaces aren't the prettiest, this is one of one most user-friendly rank tracking tools that I've come across.

First you simply enter the URL you wish to track. Rank Tracker will automatically find the page AND sub-domain on the domain ranking for the keywords chosen, so you don't have to enter these separately.

You enter the site you want to check (remember, subpages and subdomains are automatically included)

Choose from a whole host of engines and select universal search if you wish to factor in places taken up by Google insertions into the SERPS:

Enter your keywords:

Let Rank Tracker go to work: (you can choose to display the running tasks as line views or tree views, a minor visual preference)

That's all there is to it. It is extremely easy to get a project up and running inside of this tool.

Working with Rank Tracker

Inside of Rank Tracker the data is displayed clearly, in an easy to understand format:

In the top part you'll get to see:

  • the keywords you selected
  • current rank compared to last rank
  • overall visibility (top rankings) in each search engine selected
  • custom tags you might decide to choose to tag your keywords with for tracking purposes or something

On the bottom chart you'll see three options for the selected search engine (bottom) and keyword (top):

  • ranking information for each search engine for the selected keyword
  • historical records (last check date and position)
  • progress graph (visual representation of rankings, customizable with sliders as shown in the picture)

The ranking chart shows the chart for the chosen keyword and search engine:

Within the ranking results page, you can select from these options to get a broader view of how your site is performing on the whole:

Customizing Rank Tracker

Inside of Rank Tracker's preferences you'll see the following options, most of which are self-explanatory:

This is where you can take advantage of some of their cooler features like:

  • adding competitors to track
  • adding in your Google Analytics account
  • customizing your reporting templates
  • changing up human emulation settings
  • adding in a captcha service
  • scheduling reports
  • adding in multiple proxies to help with the speed of the tool as well as to prevent blocks

You can track up to 5 competitors per Rank Tracker profile (meaning, 5 competitors per one of your sites).

Key Configuration Options

Rank Tracker has a ton of options as you can see from the screenshot above. Some of the more important ones you'll want to pay attention to begin with their reporting options.

You'll want to set up your company information as shown here: (this is what will show on your reports)

On a per profile basis you can customize client-specific details likeso:

You can create new and modify existing templates for multiple report types here as well:

Emulation settings are important, you want to make sure you are set up so your requests look as normal and human as possible. It makes sense to check off the "visit search engine home page" option to help it appear more natural in addition to having delays between queries (again, to promote a natural approach to checking rankings/searching).

One thing that irks me about Rank Tracker is that they have emulation turned off by default. If you don't adjust your settings and you try and run a moderately sized report you'll get a Google automated ban in short order, so be careful!

In addition to emulation, search approach is also worthy of a bit of tinkering as well. Given how often Google inserts things like images, products, and videos into search results you might want to consider using universal search when checking rankings.

Also, the result depth is important. Going deep here can help identifying sites that have been torched rather than sites that simply fell outside the top 20 or 50. 100 is a good baseline as a default.

Successive search gives you a more accurate view as it manually goes page by page rather than grabbing 100 results at a time (double listings, as an example, can throw off the count when not using successive search)

Finally, another important option is scheduling. You can schedule emails, FTP uploads, and so on (as well as rank checks) from this options panel. Your machine does have to be on for this to work (not in sleep mode for instance). In my experience Rank Tracker has been pretty solid on this front, with respect to executing the tasks you tell it to execute (consistently).

Software versus Cloud

There are some strong, cloud based competitors to Rank Tracker. Our Rank Checker is a great solution for quick checks and for ongoing tracking if you do not need graphical charts and such (though, you can easily make those in excel if you need to).

Competitors and Options

Raven offers rank tracking as a part of their package and there are other cloud based services like Authority Labs (who actually power Raven's tools) you can look into if you want to avoid using software tools for rank checking.

There are some drawbacks to cloud-based rank tracking though. Some of them do not have granular date-based comparisons as they typically run on the provider's schedule rather than yours.

Also, most cloud rank checking solutions offer limits on how many keywords you can track. So if you are doing enterprise level rank checking it makes sense to use a software tool + a proxy service like Trusted Proxies

Pricing and Final Thoughts

Rank Tracker offers a generous discount if you grab all their tools in one bundle. If you want to customize, schedule, and print reports you'll need the enterprise edition.

I think requiring the purchase of your top tier for the basic functionality of printing reports is a mistake. I can see having that limitation on the free edition, but if you pay you should get access to reports.

You can find their bundle prices here and Rank Tracker's specific pricing here. Also, similar to competitors, they have an ongoing service plan which is required if you plan to continue to receive updates after the initial 6 months.

Despite my pricing concern regarding the reporting options, I think this is one of the top rank checkers out there. It has a ton of features and is very simple to use. I would recommend that you give this tool a shot if you are in the market for a robust rank checking solution. Oh I almost forgot, rank checking is still useful :)

One More Note of Caution

Be sure to read the below complaints about how unclear & sneaky the maintenance plan pricing is. This is something they should fix ASAP.

Published: October 14, 2011 by Eric Covino in seo tools


October 16, 2011 - 1:05pm

however I do not like the way the've got their sales page constructed. The truth is, even tho you purchase this software and you think that it is a owned license the software is useless without the monthly live plan (thing which I figured out the hard way).

I had purchased the Link Assistant at the time, and thinking that it will do the job that is supposed to do and even if the LivePlan expired the tool would work but I would not be able to get the new updates or algorithm changes (based on their internal algorithm) that assign a value to a link partner (or even simply recheck the PR or Inbound links of a partner). The truth is, without the LivePlan this tool doesn't even let me to perform a simple search O.O so the liveplan has nothing to do with the latest updates but it is just an excuse to hook up on monthly payment.

In other words, you are paying for a tool as owned license which is not. Unless they have changed something lately (which I suspect has been done) buying ANY of the link assistant's tool without the attached monthly LivePlan is like throwing the initial money out of the window.

October 16, 2011 - 11:16pm

...has traditionally been far more transparent with pricing & highlighting that indeed the maintenance plans cost extra.

And, like you stated, the "gotcha" pricing stuff is why I have always preferred AWR/ALM over the above software.

AWR/ALM has a ton of powerful features and can take a while to learn how to use it all (most people won't use anywhere near all the features) but once you get past the initial learning curve it is great software.

A Reader
October 17, 2011 - 12:17am

I purchased this product and was utterly disappointed with their sales methodology and after searching the web I found I was not alone - google "rank tracker scam" and "rank tracker con" to find numerous other people who were duped by their dodgy practices!!!

You can access their rank tracking component if you download the free trial for as long as you want but as soon as you pay the ~$400 for the enterprise edition, the live plan expires after 6 months requiring you to pay a monthly fee to keep it active!!!

Be aware of this because they hide that deep within their sales pages - suck you in for the purchase and then 6 months later the product stops working... And their response... "It says in our terms and conditions you only get 6 months access to the live plan after which point you have to pay maintenance"

Be warned - this product is delivered by a unethical business... I would highly recommend staying away from this product! (as would the 100's of others who were also duped...)

Scam! Scam! Scam!

October 17, 2011 - 1:34am

...offering a year or 2 year option that comes with the initial purchase is a better business practice than the 6 months stuff. Also the maintenance plan should cost far less than the initial software purchase does & if you are spending hundreds of Dollars upfront for the software then the software should keep working until something breaks on the search engine side, even if the subscription has expired.

For those reasons I recommend Advanced Web Ranking / Advanced Link Manager over the stuff from Link Assistant.

October 17, 2011 - 5:07pm

Eric, thanks for your detailed review.

Seeing the "warnings" in the comments, we felt it was essential to partake in this discussion and add our 2 cents:

1. For the sake of comparison, please visit the home pages of and On our site, you will see a menu box on your right (which has been there for years) with a link to "Software Prices" leading you directly to the Live!Plan page which looks like this

On AWR homepage, you will see links to "Pricing". Once you get to the "Pricing" page you will see another link to "Maintenance Plans" which looks like this So it takes one extra click to get to AWR maintenance plan but that's beyond the point. And the main point is this: we are not trying to hide anything from our customers, and we are certainly not scam artists. Had that been the case, we’d hire a few sleazy marketers promising you the moon and the stars and fire our development team, which actually makes up for well over half of the Link-Assistant.Com staff.

2. Speaking of scam claims, let’s do the following. Do a Google search on "SEO book scam", then Google "advanced web ranking scam" and "seomoz scam". Are you getting plenty of relevant results? We are. Hopefully you get the point. Just asking people to Google "widget name + scam" does not prove much, does it?

3. Regarding Live! Plan and what happens once it expires. Yes, indeed, at this point in time our tools do stop working when you attempt at doing any search engine related tasks if the Live!Plan is out of date.
Here is why we did it: we wanted to deliver immaculately accurate data to our users, period. Given that we support 750 search engines and spend quite a bit of development hours (and dollars) tracking search algo changes in these, we thought it would be a fair tradeoff to disable the tools' search function entirely so as not to compromise on data accuracy.

After all, if a user is ranking 5th in Google SERPs and then all of a sudden Rank Tracker tells him that he is now ranking 48th (with the Live!Plan expired)... is that at all beneficial to the end user? We thought not, but just recently (and before this review came out) we decided to experiment and allow users to use our tools even when their Live!Plan subscription runs out. The project is in development right now and will be finalized within a month (with us doing our best to have our tools adhere to historic but more or less accurate search data).

We will be curious to know though: will our users be unhappier with the Live!Plan being obligatory and their software not working at all or with the fact that their tools now give inaccurate data while their LivePlan subscription remains optional? Of the two evils, we will then pick the lesser one, as being called LivePlan scam artists AND providers of crammy SEO tools will clearly be too much to take. Quality or Price? Which one is more important? We'll let our users decide.

4. AWR or SEO PowerSuite? We think that SEO PowerSuite is a superior SEO software bundle. Here is our comparative review of AWR and SEO PowerSuite

October 18, 2011 - 5:44am

just recently (and before this review came out) we decided to experiment and allow users to use our tools even when their Live!Plan subscription runs out. The project is in development right now and will be finalized within a month (with us doing our best to have our tools adhere to historic but more or less accurate search data).

Once you get that rolled out, if the initial software "purchase" comes with either a 1-year or 2-year license then I don't see much of anything people can complain about at that point.

Good on you for taking in the feedback!

October 17, 2011 - 8:47pm

As someone who's used rank-tracker for last several years, I have to admit it's been a very reliable product with a lot of very handy features (competitor rank tracking, google analytics integration (visits by keyword), automatic reporting, etc.).

I've never really had an issue with the pricing, though the results have been a bit more buggy this year - bing and yahoo especially. Support is good though - any issues I encounter are usually responded to very quickly by their support team.

That said, I'd definitely be checking out advanced web ranking.

October 17, 2011 - 10:20pm

Nice try "Link Assistant" and thanks for helping me with my argument.

your pricing page says Professional Edition "$249" - It does not say - "You must also purchase a live plan" - instead you hide that down the bottom ... And also avoid stating the facts (i.e. If you do not purchase Live Plan with your Professional Edition it will no longer work!!!)

It's a little different when the component you are hiding down the bottom is an integral part of the proper operation of the software!!!

Link Assistant - You are deceitful, untrustworthy and dishonest. I will never use your product again and I will continue to warn others against your deceitful practices!

October 18, 2011 - 10:36am

@sw12345 Live!Plan is not hidden - it's there, right on that page. First goes software pricing, then goes LivePlan pricing. Both are PRESENT on the page - no extra clicks are required. We make no secret of charging monthly fees and we are certainly not in the business of tricking customers or hiding anything from them.

Additionally, our support team is 100% upfront with the prospective users about about monthly fees - sharing links to the Pricing and the Live!Plan pages above and educating prospects on what is Live!Plan and why search engine updates are an absolute must. Unsure? Send a test message to our support (, tell them that you are interested in purchasing SEO PowerSuite and ask if there are any recurring fees or if it's a one-time payment. See what they say and realize that we don't lie or disguise a thing.

@pavkey88 - nothing against awr - great tools. regarding buggy Rank Tracker results - this is a valid concern that needs to be voiced to our support right away. We monitor SE accuracy religiously, have scripts running every 12 minutes checking search engine algos BUT if we do miss something and you spot inaccuracies on Bing, Yahoo and whichever other SEs, and if that is the only thing that's holding you back from using our tools, do get in touch with our support team right this moment. Send us your project, we'll run tests and fix all the bugs the very next day - this our regular turnover for search algo fixes.

December 13, 2011 - 7:41am

Buttons inviting potential customers to BUY or DOWNLOAD are all above this information Link Assistant is talking about. - e.g. on the product page there is an ORDER RANK TRACKER NOW button right at the top of the page (with no mention of the Live plan next to the button).

If visitors click on that ORDER button they will miss the ONLY opportunity to find out about the Live! plan - they are taken straight into the shopping cart process where they are buying a 'professional license'. You are then taken through the entire process with no further mention of Live! plan charges.

AND if you are so customer oriented, WHY is the fine print for the Live Plan at the VERY BOTTOM of the page in so small text you can hardly read it. If you're not trying to deceive clients, why not put at the top of the page or on the order page?

Pretty obvious to me...

Btw, seems is out of business?? Their website shows an XAMPP default website today 2011-12-13

December 20, 2011 - 7:47am

re: requiring a maintenance plan for most seo software...

I can't think of one conceivable reason that checking where on a search page your site would be with various keywords would depend on some software keeping up with search engine algorithms.

You check for a search on a keyword. Where it comes up is where you rank for that keyword on that page.

Sure, it depends on whether or not you are logged in to your google or whatever account, and potentially your past searches and browsing for that session, but that has nothing to do with what some software will tell you. And if it does, something's just seems wrong.

Maybe customer support can explain EXACLTLY why a rank would be reported incorrectly with expired maintenance?

In the example presented by them above: "After all, if a user is ranking 5th in Google SERPs and then all of a sudden Rank Tracker tells him that he is now ranking 48th (with the Live!Plan expired)... is that at all beneficial to the end user?" Well, no it's no beneficial to anyone, and I just don't get how it would magically change when a 3rd party decides it's not #5 anymore.

That said, if it were to tell me the rank dropped, and "here's why" we think it dropped, that could be a different story. Either way, the software should report the correct SERP even if it's 10 years old.

What am I missing?

December 20, 2011 - 3:50pm change over time.

So it is not only the rankings that change (over time, due to personalization, due to location, and so on), but also how Google constructs the search results page (in terms of HTML source, AJAX, etc.)

That said, major layout changes that break rank checkers are quite rare (I know because we offer a free one & every time it breaks we are deluged with requests to fix it). But these breaks are maybe 3 or 4 times per year. And it takes us a few hours to fix it at most (in most cases).

Software like Advanced Web Ranking keeps working (even without maintenance plan) up until the search engines change the layout & it breaks...then to get the latest update you would need to have a maintenance plan on the software. But if you do not have a maintenance plan they don't arbitrarily intentionally destroy your software the way that some others may do.

The thing people were bitching about with Link Assistant's stuff is that the recurring maintenance fees were NOT clearly marketed (so it looked/felt like you were buying a lifetime license to the software...note the bit in their sales copy about free lifetime updates).

Making things worse, (based on the above comments) it appears that if you did not have an active "maintenance" plan with them, then not only would you miss out on those "free lifetime updates" but they would ALSO disable the software - even if nothing in the search results layout changed. Pretty shady stuff there.

December 20, 2011 - 5:56pm

I can definitely see how the page-scraping could be affected by changes to the output. I guess I never considered that as an "algorithm" change--a term I automatically assume to refer to internal ranking shifts due to different methods of determining a site's search relevance.

It's definitely not clear from their site that things will break after a certain point. They do talk about their 6 mo maintenance, but there's nothing I could find which simply states that their software will be bricked once the maintenance window is done. If it's there, it's hidden in the TOS fine print, and not spelled out clearly when you purchase.

In effect, they're selling an ongoing service, disguised as a product. I believe they'd have a much happier following/clientele if they simply changed their model to match reality, and not try and trick people into thinking it's a product. If they are up front and Just charged the $xx/mo, and maybe gave a 6 month discount, people might see it as a deal--at least they'd understand what they were getting into and wouldn't be pissed if/when they stop using the service.

I can't think of any other software that breaks after the "service/maintenance" agreement expires. For example, virus checkers still function though obviously new threats won't be blocked--at least it's clear how long the updates last, and the software doesn't just stop working. Actually, I take that back... Quickbooks kills off internet functions after 3 years for bogus reasons--and has a swarm of pissed off people building daily.

Anyway. Ramble over. You may return to your regularly scheduled program. :-)

December 21, 2011 - 10:56am

"they're selling an ongoing service, disguised as a product"

December 23, 2011 - 3:10pm

That's my opinion of the Link-Assistant management.
Rank tracker is a fairly ok software. It does what it should.
But I too was duped by this "LivePlan" issue.
I bought the Pro edition believing I had purchased a software to use for good.
The fact that you can't actually use it without the LivePlan was NOTt clearly mentioned when I purchased it. Proof is in the Wayback machine when you look up the sales page for September 2010.
Nowhere does it mention the required subscription and Nowhere is it made clear that the software just CEASES to WORK without it.
I believe they have a word for that....ah yes, "extortion". Also misleading practices sounds pretty accurate.

Furthermore, it locks-in all the history. Historical data is useful to show your customer you;re actually making progress, but there is no method of exporting your data - you just have to go on paying the LivePlan


December 25, 2011 - 3:26am

...some of those pages are blocked from being indexed in their robots.txt file. some examples:

Disallow: /live-plan-price.html
Disallow: /prices.html
Disallow: /buy-special.html
Disallow: /seo-powersuite-free-trial.html
Disallow: /rank-tracker-giveaway.html
Disallow: /shopping-cart-payment-method.html
Disallow: /buy-seopowersuite.html
Disallow: /buy-special.html
Disallow: /buy-wso.html

January 4, 2012 - 12:35pm

except for the pricing page, all other pages are disallowed for a (valid) reason (in our opinion - if your SEO experience tells you otherwise, we would love your feedback/advice):

Disallow: /live-plan-price.html - this is a dated live plan price page with pricing inaccuracies, the updated live plan pricing page is on here General LivePlan info is on here

Disallow: /prices.html - again, our bad, did not open that one up after one of the tests done on site. thanks for the headsup

Disallow: /buy-special.html - special offer page with the expired offer

Disallow: /seo-powersuite-free-trial.html - special offer page with the expired offer

Disallow: /rank-tracker-giveaway.html - special offer page with the expired offer

Disallow: /shopping-cart-payment-method.html - yes we decided disallow the cart

Disallow: /buy-seopowersuite.html - a special offer page, the offer has expired - this is our current buy page

Disallow: /buy-special.html - a special offer page with the expired offer
Disallow: /buy-wso.html - a special offer page with the expired offer

January 2, 2012 - 4:45pm


@blanco1974 "Btw, seems is out of business?? Their website shows an XAMPP default website today 2011-12-13" - not sure what you are seeing on your end but we are in business as never before, and planning on hanging around for as long as there is demand for our SEO tools (seems like there is as we are seeing a steady increase in both free version downloads and paid version purchases)


Regarding deception I think there has been enough said in our earlier comments - it is not our intent by any means. We deeply regret you feel that way. Live Plan info is on the site, also all over the web. We are making it public and ask our reviewers to openly talk about it and explain what Live Plan means and what it does not. Will we put the Live Plan information as a headline? Probably not. Is live plan a big secret? Again, it's a no - we are right here discussing it quite openly.


Speaking of Live Plan and software functionality issues when it expires. Following up on the earlier made pledge to "open up" the tools for users with expired LivePLans (why we kept them "closed" has also been discussed in our earlier comments), we have rolled out an update to make that happen.

Now you can run search engine related and unrelated tasks with our tools, whether your live plan is current or not. Note that we don't vouch for data accuracy when the Live Plan expires - you may see slight differences in search results; you may also see completely wacky search data.

So, to quote Aaron, now SEO PowerSuite works exactly like AWR:

"Software like Advanced Web Ranking keeps working (even without maintenance plan) up until the search engines change the layout & it breaks...then to get the latest update you would need to have a maintenance plan on the software."

To add our two cents to the discussion on SE update frequency - we have also observed that on average changes occur several times per year, per search engine, but note here that Google, Yahoo, and Bing (and their regional variants) are not the only search engines that SEO PowerSuite supports. There are 774 of them in total - see the full list on here

So how often one needs to update their LivePLan kind of depends on how many search engines one targets and how vital data accuracy is for that particular user.

If you have any more questions we have not yet addressed, speak up.

Link-Assistant.Com team (SEO PowerSuite developers)

February 17, 2012 - 1:54am

Hey Aaron love your tools and advice. one quick question before I invest in the Enterprise edition. Do you know if Rank Tracker has a location feature where you can define what City, STATE you would like for the software to search from? You know how Google users can change their location settings and if you change them yourself you will often see the results (especially Places) change a bit. Also they claim to track Google Place rankings. Is that just part of the SERP results or is it flagged as such anywhere?

Any advice is appreciated.



February 17, 2012 - 11:42am

Currently we primarily use Advanced Web Ranking for trending data, but I haven't dog that deep into all the geo-local features.

Advanced Web Ranking
February 17, 2012 - 4:10pm


Advanced Web Ranking allows you to see the results as if you were searching from a different city or country. We use Google Location for this, and it's working very well.

If you are interested, there is a great article about this feature on our blog:

PS. Aaron, thanks for the nice words about AWR. I just wish the competition would rather focus their efforts on showing the strengths of their software, not the weaknesses of other competing software.

January 12, 2013 - 12:15pm

I've been testing (well actually trying to get it to do what it supposed to do!) this software for quite a while now and no mattter what settings I choose it simply doesn't work for me. Regardless the use of human emolution, use proxies 1,5,20 or more, my own proxy, searched proxies, user agents specified or not, multiple link factors, no link factors or any settings for that matter.... a simple reports takes hours (yes correct, not seconds or minutes but HOURS).

A simple test to find only 30 linkpartners in one country (searchengines settings localised) took over 5 hours. I have to say however results where overwhelmig even was given as a potential linkpartner.... as was, etc. etc.

So for me this was a waste of a couple of hundred euro's.



(ps. And yes I've reported many issues to their support department unfortunately without any improvement)

February 17, 2013 - 11:29pm

This product has been rendered useless becasue it's just too slow. I first purchased this a couple of years ago and it worked great. However since last 6 months it has been unuseable. I have 25 proxies from and still no good. Even checking as few as 5 keywords. I've followed many supposed settings to increase speed all to no avail. Support is nonexistent, I've sent sample projects as they suggest and receive no reply. All suggests they know they've screwed up a good product. I've since purchased SERank which has been consistently checking over 300 keyword combinations in about 40 minutes. It doesn't have as many bells and whistles as RankTracker has but at least it works.

February 18, 2013 - 10:33pm

"bells and whistles" give Advanced Web Ranking a try.

February 22, 2013 - 11:07pm

Ok Rank Tracker is now running super fast after turining off the Human Emulation settings and making some tweaks to the Miscellaneous Global Settings section. I also downloaded the AWR trial which looks good. But since I've already purchased Rank Tracker I will see how it performs over the next few months given the tweaks I've made and whether having diabled the Human Emulation will have any negative impact. Thanks.

August 23, 2014 - 7:04pm

Thanks for this wonderful review on Rank Tracker. I have been using the trial version for quite some time and am really happy with it. Many a time I thought of upgrading but the trial version satisfy all my needs so i didn't think of upgrading it. I am a writer on few blogs and I do online marketing too by writing articles about the product. Will pro version help me in getting better sales?

August 24, 2014 - 7:53am

Your name you left here doesn't even match the names on your posts on your site. Link removed.

March 27, 2016 - 5:24pm

Can you write a detailed review about new Cloud Topvisor Rank Tracker Tool? It's a really fast, accurate and local. It supports an unlimited number of keywords. I can provide you any info and assistance. Here is a link

April 1, 2016 - 9:20pm

repetition is reputation!

October 6, 2017 - 5:32am

The company purposely breaks their software and search engine algorithms so you have to renew constantly. Don't waste your time or money. There are other good ones out there, even free ones that are just as good. Be warned.

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