The Future Of Search

Interesting news item about the future of search.

Analyst Sue Feldman presented her views to the Enterprise Search Summit West.

Key points:

  • A convergence of tools in search.
  • Move away from today's transaction based platform towards a knowledge platform.
  • Improved capibilities in terms of concepts, relationships, and modes of communication, including speech
  • One problem that needs solving is selection: which information do you trust?
  • Getting the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Move from transactional computing to user-centric interaction models. See my early post about relationships.
  • More automation of knowledge work across multiple devices.
  • Search will eventually be embedded in the platforms and applications, as opposed to a separate function.
  • Search will be at the center of interactive computing as search is language based - the human mode of communication.
  • Full post here.

Published: September 25, 2008 by A Reader in technology


September 25, 2008 - 8:01am

Future of search will actually belong to intelligent interacting MOBILE platforms - I found about 10 posts in different blogs this week. It's fine - I work in this area. That's the future.

We talk much about interacting, context and mobility saying nothing about energy problems of mobile devices. The problems like short working time of mobile devices show that mobility is some kind of temporary fashion. Awesome ?

And somehow we must foresee some other future platform trends. Mobility as fashion (and business idea) evolved very quickly so it has could have similar tendences to end.

Am I wrong ?

September 25, 2008 - 8:53am

I think mobile will become a big part of search, but there will still be some categories that are mostly only searched from desktop devices for many years.

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