Join the SEO Book Affiliate Program

Arg, Warning, Self Promotional Post: !!!

I recently added affiliate software to my site which tracks sales through PayPal.

Join the affiliate program today and get a free $20 bonus credit.

More information in the extended entry...
Most of my sales are generated through PayPal, which has substantially lower costs than ClickBank. In addition to saving me money that also means that saves affiliates money too.

Good Deals with the New Affiliate Program:

  • Triple Redundancy Sales Tracking - Session management, IP logging & cookies.

  • Allows affiliates to send traffic to the home page or to a sales letter page.
  • The affiliate software makes it easy for affiliates to use various banners, text links, or text ads.
  • Since most of my ebook sales are through Paypal and since that payment option is on nearly every page of this site that means affiliates stand the greatest chance of getting commission for their sales. Also the triple redundant tracking makes it easier for affiliates to ensure they get credit for their sales.
  • The new affiliate software does not use 302 redirects, so I do not need to worry about Google or Yahoo! penalizing my site by not properly following a 302 redirect.
  • I am crediting all affiliate accounts with a $20 bonus credit.
  • My affiliate software allows me to set result based compenasation levels. This helps me give added incentive and added reward to harder working affiliates. This also helps give better affiliates a benefit in the marketplace.
  • The affiliate software also allows me to roll out pay per click advertising options. I have not yet turned this on but may do so eventually.
  • The affiliate software allows two tiers. I have not yet turned this on but may do so eventually.
  • Top affilates will get $40 per sale, which is over 50% of the sales price.

Bad Deals with the New Affiliate Program:

  • New affiliates will be started out at $25 per sale, which is lower than the current program level. The affiliate payment amount goes up by $5 after each 5 ebook sales. Though after 15 affiliate sales affiliates make $40 per sale.

  • The new affiliate program pays once a month, whereas ClickBank pays twice a month. My program will pay out quicker than ClickBank does though.
  • I have set the minimum payout to $50. New affiliates that do self sales will not be able to profit from self sales until they sell at least 1 additional copy of the ebook.
  • Currently my affiliate program requires PayPal accounts to receive payment.

When Can I Sign Up?
If you would like to join the new affiliate program you can do so today.

I am phasing out the old affiliate program and intend to have it fully phased out by March 5th.

If you are a current affiliate under the old program and have made multiple sales already please send me an email and I will see if I can start you off on a higher tier to credit you for your past sales.

I realize that changing affiliate programs sucks for affiliates (being an affiliate of many products myself), but I do not intend on doing it often. I appoligize for any inconveniences this change may cause.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please email me or post them below.

SEO Marketplace Question ;)

So a friend of mine is building a tool which will likely be publically available for usage and it may run a thousand or few thousand queries a day. This tool may query some of the major search engines and may need to use some open HTTP proxies.

Does anyone know how he can gain access to reliable open HTTP proxies and if / what costs would be available?

Feel free to emails me seobook aT gmail DoT com if you do not want to post anything in the comments.

If and when he completes the tool I will mention its launch on this site :)

The diminishing value of...

the employee blog
Google says shh to this blogger

condensed and abbridged for your pleasure...

oh lothesome me

bandwidth limit exceeded at the 2005 bloggies site. some host looking for a hosted by link might have just struck gold? you gotta think thats a fairly strong site.

NickW rants

a heated thread at threadwatch

SEO Blogs
we all say the same stuff... ;) Peter D has the scoop


a dollar
actually a shocker, think its near its two month highs...goes off to quickly register many sites (using roboform) while the dollar has a better conversion rate

Outing a Shady Site on My Blog... DMCA Copyright Infringement

Generally not a cool thing to do, but this person deserves it. has part of my ebook published on their site, obviously without permission.

I would have attempted to contact them, but the contact us link on his site was not readily available. They also used fake WhoIs data.

Now DMCA could be the right idea if it was US hosted but it is not. Since they are using fake WhoIs info and the like I think they would just move the content to another throw away domain on another server anyway. It is best to look at their source of income and link popularity and try to go that route first...that way it actually has a lasting and / or significantly costly effect.

They are running AdSense on the page which has a stolen copy of my ebook and their AdSense account # is
I already provided AdSense feedback to Google about the ads on their site.

The bulk of their link popularity comes from hidden footer links on and

which also have hidden footer links to

Not sure if any people from the search engines will read this post, but I will be making one of the few spam reports I have ever made and then following up by contacting his registrar and host, and then giving the major search engines a DMCA report.

their site is hosted at
and the registrar is

more linkage data info: has hidden text backlinks at
and the other sites that were link farmed together via hidden links above.

[added: where to report DMCA copyright infringements:
Yahoo! Search
MSN Search]

Daniel Brandt's Google Scrapper Errors, Cooperative Ad Network & NoFollow Tag

Google Scrapper:
Chris Ridings on Daniel Brandt's scrapper...
Daniel Brandt states:

If the scraping is done properly, it is not worth Google's trouble to find you. Our source code separates the "fetch" portion of program, which is done by curl or wget, from the searcher interface and parsing of the fetched results. If the fetching is done by a server on a different Class C address from the website that shows the scraped results, there is little that Google can do to find the IP address that is responsible for the actual fetch.

and Chris states:

Conveniently forgetting that his hack of an application forgets to change the useragent of the request from the curl/wget defaults. Thereby leaving the fetch machines' ip addresses sitting ducks in those query logs that Brandt believes last an eternity.

Cooperative Ad Network to Adopt NoFollow Tag?
members at the Digital Point forums think not...two quotes sum it up:
"would that not defeat the object of having the links if the search engines ignored them?"
"Exactly, who'd actually use the Co-Op for anything other than IBLs?"

Testing out the NoFollow Tag:
White Hat Techniques are ethical whereas Black Hat Techniques are not <-- Alan Perkins talks rubbish.

While Reading Comics:
I read these comics so you don't have to

It's Brutal to be...

Acquiring a Voice...

This is a bit of an off topic / personal type post. I guess many of them are that way now, but you have been warned ;)

My Brother...
was recently conned (by me) into creating a blog. I think everyone should have one. If for nothing else then at least for tracking your own thought process over time.

Creating Another Unoriginal Crap Site:
He originally wanted to create a site selling random junk he sold a bit of out of a catalog when he was a teenager.

Do What You are Interested In:
I wanted him to create a blog about something he knew about or was interested in to help introduce him to the web. My brother has HIV and since that is a somewhat important topic I figured that maybe he could do a blog about HIV.

I bought him a domain name and spent about $20 submitting his site to a few directories and off he went.

Being Personal:
I have actually been rather impressed with how frequently he has posted. Usually he just posts news as he finds it (which seems a bit dull to me), but occassionally he also posts exceptionally personal stuff - which is what makes a site real.

I do not think he has done much to promote his site, but randomly it ranks #3 on MSN Canada for HIV.

MSN Search Memory Lane:
It always feels good to see someone ranking well in is a megacorp that is helping to spread your site and / or message. It reminds me of creating content by the keyword to submit to Zeal back when LookSmart was a primary feed to MSN. Back then it took less than a week to register a domain, host it, create, submit, and approve the content necissary to rank on the first page of MSN for almost any single word search query.

As an SEO Blogger You KNOW there are too many SEO Blogs When...
Your brother recently created a blog about search engines (as my brother did).

I could look at it and say "well he needs to do a bunch of learning" as many may look at this blog and say to me. I remember when I first made my other site about search engines and people emailed me nasty hate mail (I still get some, but for other reasons).

Who knows, he may be at the same spot I was a year and a half ago and may be far better off than I am in a year or two. I am interested to see what his level of commitment will be and what else he wants to learn and what other projects he will jump into.

The Secret Sauce:
The hidden secret of SEO for people new to the craft is that keyword density only really matters up until people are actually interested in reading your site.

You only need to figure out how to reach a few people in any industry. If Danny Sullivan likes your site then many in the search industry will too, by default.

It doesn't take much for a person to do well if they are honest, willing to work hard, interested in what they are doing, and learn quickly.

I look at my brother's posts and see that they are perhaps a bit rough (as are many of mine), but I also look and see that it looks like he is trying to find his voice and is trying to figure out how to sound like a person, which is something most sites do not do. Best of luck bro...

Google PageRank Update, Please Help...

I was in and out around the end of the year and just finally got back home in a somewhat stable state today. It looks as though Google has finally updated toolbar PageRank again, and I have been reading bits about the horrible tsunami.

To try my best to help out, for the month of January I am going to send all my SEO Book sales income to help out with relief from the storm. I think Paypal eats about $2 out of each order, but other than that the remainder will go to help out Sarvodaya.

If you want to help out you can donate directly to any of the tsunami relief funds.

Quality Hosting, Broken Links & Free Directory Submission

So I moved hosts on my other site to Pair yesterday (lots of savvy webmasters have recommended them to me). While I was still uploading the site the DNS already propagated through to the new location. I had to learn how to play with some .htaccess fast ;)

Broken Links:
After I moved I checked my site using Xenu and found a ton of broken links I need to update. Some stuff doesn't make any sense, like the Virtual Library's contact us and registration pages no longer exist.

While on the Topic of Directories:
Free Christmas gifts...

I have been doing tons of directory submissions recently, and thus know many directory owners. The following directories are giving away listings to the first 3 people who leave a comment below. After you comment find your relevant categories and give me your info via email me at seobook [At} gmail dot com using "free directory submission" as the subject and I will submit your sites for you.*

  • SevenSeek - John Scott's directory. He also has been thinking about eventually create a portal and search engine on that site.

  • Web Atlas - Nandini Maheshwari's fairly new directory. I have been helping her build up some good link popularity, and Web Atlas provides mutliple deep links with each listing.
  • Uncover the Net - Shawn Walter's somewhat new directory. I believe his directory has more pages in Google's cache than any other directory. He also recently create an affiliate program.
  • Rubber Stamped - Peter Da Vanzo's brand spanking new directory. Peter is a bit of a link hound, so look for him to build some good link popularity on the quick.

* Please no lead generation, affiliate, pharmacy, porn, insurance, debt, or gambling type websites. If your website is making you thousands of dollars per day please do not submit via this offer. :)

Search Engine Marketing Awards, Google AdSense Click Fraud, Keyword Difficulty Checker, SEO Legends Shirts

Search Engine Marketing Awards:
I nominate ;)
plans are in the making
as are plans for the alternative awards

Click 3 Times:
AdSense publisher is frustrated by the concept of targeted leads

Keyword Difficulty Checker:
I think the best way to tell is to look at the search results and do extensive link analysis. Some may like to try out this free tool though.

New Shirt
So I got my super comfy new shirt in today from the SEO legends collection.

I am getting a bit out of hand with my search related shirt collection...I now have the Google space shirt, MSN, SEW, SEL, IHY (unoffical bootleg version from a defunct thread that was later pulled), BlowSearch, LinkAdage, and Patrick Gavin might be making me one too. My shirt collection is only lacking Yahoo! Search, Ask Jeeves / Teoma, and SEMPO-Tahoe (hopefully the SEMPO Tahoe shirt could be added to the SEO Legends collection soon).

Its disappointing that I don't have any search related pants, but I can't really see me trying to wear a pair of these.