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Arg, Warning, Self Promotional Post: !!!

I recently added affiliate software to my site which tracks sales through PayPal.

Join the affiliate program today and get a free $20 bonus credit.

More information in the extended entry...
Most of my sales are generated through PayPal, which has substantially lower costs than ClickBank. In addition to saving me money that also means that saves affiliates money too.

Good Deals with the New Affiliate Program:

  • Triple Redundancy Sales Tracking - Session management, IP logging & cookies.

  • Allows affiliates to send traffic to the home page or to a sales letter page.
  • The affiliate software makes it easy for affiliates to use various banners, text links, or text ads.
  • Since most of my ebook sales are through Paypal and since that payment option is on nearly every page of this site that means affiliates stand the greatest chance of getting commission for their sales. Also the triple redundant tracking makes it easier for affiliates to ensure they get credit for their sales.
  • The new affiliate software does not use 302 redirects, so I do not need to worry about Google or Yahoo! penalizing my site by not properly following a 302 redirect.
  • I am crediting all affiliate accounts with a $20 bonus credit.
  • My affiliate software allows me to set result based compenasation levels. This helps me give added incentive and added reward to harder working affiliates. This also helps give better affiliates a benefit in the marketplace.
  • The affiliate software also allows me to roll out pay per click advertising options. I have not yet turned this on but may do so eventually.
  • The affiliate software allows two tiers. I have not yet turned this on but may do so eventually.
  • Top affilates will get $40 per sale, which is over 50% of the sales price.

Bad Deals with the New Affiliate Program:

  • New affiliates will be started out at $25 per sale, which is lower than the current program level. The affiliate payment amount goes up by $5 after each 5 ebook sales. Though after 15 affiliate sales affiliates make $40 per sale.

  • The new affiliate program pays once a month, whereas ClickBank pays twice a month. My program will pay out quicker than ClickBank does though.
  • I have set the minimum payout to $50. New affiliates that do self sales will not be able to profit from self sales until they sell at least 1 additional copy of the ebook.
  • Currently my affiliate program requires PayPal accounts to receive payment.

When Can I Sign Up?
If you would like to join the new affiliate program you can do so today.

I am phasing out the old affiliate program and intend to have it fully phased out by March 5th.

If you are a current affiliate under the old program and have made multiple sales already please send me an email and I will see if I can start you off on a higher tier to credit you for your past sales.

I realize that changing affiliate programs sucks for affiliates (being an affiliate of many products myself), but I do not intend on doing it often. I appoligize for any inconveniences this change may cause.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please email me or post them below.

Published: February 22, 2005 by Aaron Wall in aaron matthew wall


February 23, 2005 - 9:20pm

I guess the Google shuffle has created the need for a lot of people to start affiliate programs... hell if Google won't list from the links may as well go direct... I will be adding your blog to my list... hope to push a few buyers your way.

February 24, 2005 - 5:14am

Hi Aussie
its not totally Google shuffle related that I changed my affiliate program.

There were a few main components which made me get a bit more motivated about it

  1. I have had a decent number of people ask me recently if I had an aff program. changing it over was a good excuse to remind people that I do.
  2. Google has been having issues with 302s and did not want to add any additional fuel to the fire. Figure the changeover might make things a bit better.
  3. The new aff program allows me to have better tracking on my end and allows me to make tiered compensation and allows affiliates better control of where they send traffic, etc.

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