Jim Boykin on Links Again

Jim Boykin highlights his best posts from the last 6 month. His two most recent posts have great tips on links

I have to snag the image from his most recent post and quote it...great stuff Jim.

Jim Boykin on linking.

The page on the far right has no outside link linking to it. It's only "votes" are what the internal sites passes. (lower reputation and trust).

The first subpage you'll see has lots of votes to it (links). The Glossary page I found had 740 backlinks including 44 .edu's. Having an ad on a page like that (in the middle of the glossary, for relevant products services, yada yada,) would mean that the 44 colleges are directly linking to a sub page - they are directly voting for that page - the trust and reputation are through the roof - getting an ad on a page like that gives the trust and reputation a straight line to your target.

Many of the concepts with finding the best links sound obvious when you think about it, but many of the pay scales for link building involve undertrained and underwaged labor working on margins. Many people like getting x links for so many dollars. People still push quantity way too much. As the need for quality increases the need for topical expertise increases and the need to have a real resource or understand linkage patterns increases.

Jim concludes with this point

Wanna know another reason why "links pages" are dead? Because those pages don't have any backlinks to them from external sites! If all your backlinks come from "lower trust" pages (pages that only have backlinks from within the site, no external backlink votes), then guess what - you ain't got Jack.

Most link schemes are on easily isolated chunks, at the page, directory, or site level. When you go to a link exchange network or list in a link exchange directory the pages you are getting links from are not credible resource pages that are vetted by others. Mass automated links are a waste of time for Google, although they still rawk for inept engines like MSN.

Published: May 7, 2006 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


May 11, 2006 - 4:20pm

Does this mean Google Bombing is getting harder? :(

May 7, 2006 - 9:55am

See also my post at DP on: Theme Jacking which covers how to bring pages that link to yours 'on topic' and improve their 'trust' score.

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