WMW Paid Link Advertising Panel

Patrick Gavin gave similar presenatation as his recent San Jose one.

Stuntdubl mentioned the techniques of Link Ninjas, which is a link building seminar that came out of the presentation.

He posted quite a bit of good stuff like some of the recurring themes on his blog (link naturally, neighgborhoods, use a variety of link types, etc). I will see if he posts his presentation online. If so I will update this post. Todd has got really good at presenting for starting somewhat recently.

Philip Kaplan of AdBrite showed his recently launched intermission ads (mentioned here). Also noted that AdBrite does not do direct links and is exceptionally transparent.

Online magazines are sometimes underpriced and have great link neighborhoods.

Gives example Google Search [advertise $15 per month -cpm]

look for websites for stuff like [this website closed]

run Xenu link Sleuth on directories to find broken links...some of those may be easy sites to buy cheaply

emphasizes alternative sources of links

look outside same networks everyone else is using

Q&A: there was a question about Google hating on paid links

don't forget Yahoo! and MSN give credit
stay on topic so you get direct value too

managing link buys?
you can use AdBrite to mine information (this could also be used to help you find what the top posts or topics are on some competing channels)
excel can be used to show link dates, which also helps show the value if you are tracking

Oilman mentioned search for powered by xyz forum + a topic (like sci fi) to look for some potential cheap link buys

Published: November 16, 2005 by Aaron Wall in conferences


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