Google Problems in China

Taiwan recently whined to Google about their maps calling Taiwan a providence of China, and recently Google maps changed. Apparently removing the providence of China bit pissed off China:

Shortly after Taiwan's foreign ministry formally complained, the China reference abruptly disappeared from Google's Taiwan map last week. That change has provoked cries of dismay in China and talk of a possible boycott of Google's service in that country, according to Chinese media.

Google has quickly backpeddled about the reasons behind the change, saying they were just trying to clean up the map image.

The change doesn't reflect Google's political opinion on the dispute, according to company spokeswoman Debbie Frost. She said Google wanted to enlarge its map images to make them even easier for users to see, so it removed all text from the left corner of the Web page.

Since when do you rename countries and providences to clean up the map?

Published: October 20, 2005 by Aaron Wall in search engines vs law


June 6, 2006 - 12:55pm

Today, Beijing, 6th June, still not working, well sometimes, a bit hit and miss, but I get spam junk from a crowd calling themselves the google health team, copied google logo etc wiht a link to who knows where. Also, the Beijing ofice not only doesn't answer the phone, leaving it to AUTEX, but they never call back in regard to messages either... andddddddd I am STILL waiting for a follow up to a question I posted to their cust sales dept via the web link, got an auto reply promising 24 hours turn around if poss.... that was a week or more back. Are Google still alive.... anyone know?

June 7, 2006 - 9:31am

China Network Telecom just spent about an hour getting to work in my house. in apple sys prefs>network they added: DNS servers:, this before was blank, i was getting an error message of too many redirects. still doesn't work, but Apple Mail just got all my gmail by pop3. so a good enough situation to lower my blood pressure a little, but it's been a terrible 2 days, mine was fine until i erased my gmail pwd and reentered it to make sure i knew it. I'm also getting timeouts on china mobile gprs for and, but even if the connection seems ok, or through usb sharing w/ laptop (PalmOS5.4 GSPDA Xplore M98-Missing Sync)(get a Treo, it's not that great ;) )logining in to gmail or even yahoo, even never work on Xiino, pop and haven't been able to use on Palm MobileMail, good luck everyone out there w/ google problems. -brandon

October 21, 2005 - 11:58am

Actually I like the way Google is handling it this time. They learn fast since they hired Kai-Fu Lee. Making up a silly excuse works pretty well at times.

June 2, 2006 - 7:49am

I live in Beijing and I'm going out of my mind because over the last couple of days google seems to have completely stopped working, not only google search but also gmail and in fact anything relating to google, firefox homepage etc.


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