When Articles Put Words In Your Mouth...When a Spade is a Spade

So I recently was interviewed by a semi local newspaper reporter about the lawsuit. I was dog tired when I did the interview (like up over a day straight), and some of my quotes were clipped a bit, so they came out less than stellar...and I screwed up some of the PR tips I had been given. :(

Ian has helped me a good bit with the lawsuit, and the reporter wanted to get some other opinions on the case. I referred her to Ian & SMA-NA. My quotes did not sound good, but then I read how Ian seemed to reference Greg Jarboe about the importance of free speech on blogs. I was like...hmmm?

So I asked Ian about it, and he said that he never refered her to Greg. I think he is a bit upset with the way his quote sounds, if fact, upset enough to post on it.

He is wondering why Greg Jarboe, the spokesman for SEMPO, apparently cares:

I didn't see SEMPO standing up for anyone earlier. So it's not an issue until they come knocking on your own door? Come on. That's just not right.

when SEMPO clearly doesn't:

It is the policy of SEMPO not to comment on any legal cases pending, particularly those that do not directly involve our organization. This matter in particular will be decided under existing case law relating to freedom of speech, libel/slander, and contract law. There is no compelling reason for a nonprofit group with a mission of education and ... - Greg Jarboe

I can't believe that Greg can be a PR guru and still think he can get away with that two sides of the coin technique...especially in such a small industry.

"I have a blog, and I call them like I see them," said Mr. Jarboe. "I like to think it's my First Amendment right."

So do I Greg. So do I.

Published: October 8, 2005 by Aaron Wall in blogs


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