Ken Evoy Claims SEO Dead...Shari Thurow Sticks it to Him

The LED Digest is having another one of the is SEO dead debates.

In last issue Ken Evoy made a blatent self promo SEO is dead post::

If you are not ready for the future, for what's coming big-time, you do not understand why SEO is dead and has been for a while. Oh sure, the corpse is still walking, and SEOers get real upset when they read a book that is normally only for our Site Build It! customers but that has leaked out and I'll share it here with you. It's called "The Tao of CTPM"

Tao of CTPM? Tao of ZYJQ? Talk about dropping an advert, eh? He even added a link, and this dislaimer:

Please understand that it's been written for normal business people, not geeks. But also please understand that these people, unskilled in the Net but who know their BUSINESS, outperform as a group, SEOers

How can he prove that on average his customers outperform the average SEO?

When you say how another field is full of crap you have to expect them to question your own tactics. Like the advert posts or paying affiliates 3 weeks late.

I am both surprised and happy to see Shari Thurow stick it to him:

Ken, stick to sales. That's what you're good at. Please do not make blanket statements about a field in which you have limited knowledge.

Where Shari falls short is her next line:

Search engine spammers have limited knowledge, too. Their goal is to exploit the engines. Ask a spammer to build and write a user-friendly AND search-friendly site that converts? They don't have the skills.

For those SEOs who talk down algorithm chasers and talk up user friendly conversion friendly etc etc etc... out of those sites, how many of their sites do you find yourself regularly linking at?

I don't think SEO is in any way dead, just more that there are enough quick acting feedback networks to where it is becoming more efficient and more useful for some to do holistic marketing instead of just focusing on algorithm busting. As far as what is best goes, it sorta depends on your personality though.

Published: October 5, 2005 by Aaron Wall in marketing


April 1, 2010 - 12:04am

I have a sitesell website.

I also have sold a few Site Build It software packages for $299.

I make $75 commission.

They have been holding my commission amounting to over $100 for several months. When I asked why I hadn't been paid, they said I wouldn't be paid until I made another sale that wasn't a repeat sale. They have the most byzantine accounrting system ever invented.

Well, in February 2010, I made two sales that were not repeat sales. I got the usual congratulation email from Ken Evoy. I thought, great, I will finally get what is owed me.

In March, much to my chagrin, nothing arrived in March.

I made another sale in March 2010 and got another email from Ken Evoy offering "congratulation, another sale."

So, now I estimate Ken Evoy owes me over $300.

There should be law against this kind of fraud.

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