Sun + Google Partnership... More Toolbars... Yawn

So Google agreed to promote Open Office & Sun's other open source software. When specifically asked how, Eric Schmidt said that they have not yet stated. Well then, what is the point of the press frenzy?

Google also said they are extending their server partnership with Sun, but again would not specify any details.

Sun is to bundle the Google toolbar with Java.

A reporter asked what is so special about this toolbar bundling partnership and Eric Schmidt said the vastness of it.

Did and Yahoo! & Adobe make a huge public speech in their toolbar partnership? Nope.

You got to wonder how long the media will keep having a frenzy response to non event stories from Google.

Sun's stock has already given back most of today's gains and looks to soon give back some of yesterday's gains.

Both companies were asked leading questions about MicroSoft and refused to give much of an answer, which I find a bit entertaining when you consider how blunt some opinions are expressed on their blogs:

Frankly, all of these services are trying to outrun Windows Vista and Office 12 - with which Microsoft will once again attempt to recover the distribution advantage, preloading Windows, Internet Explorer and Office with Microsoft content and services. They argue it's necessary to secure the platform, 3rd parties and government officials argue it's anti-competitive. You pick.

Published: October 4, 2005 by Aaron Wall in marketing


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